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Give a small air pump.

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Product Title: Buffer inflatable bag (want to purchase their very own inflatable)

Materials: PE/Nylon 7layer co-extrusion (This materials is environmentally pleasant, non-toxic and doesn’t comprise any heavy metals)

Toughness of uncooked supplies. Nylon content material as much as 25%. Professional can relaxation assured to purchase.

Materials thickness: 5.5 wire

The product fuel can solely be entered, automated sealing, utilizing a brand new sort of know-how: fabricated from three layers of movie warmth sealing (two equal-size vast movie and one piece of printing movie), first printed by the layer width movie and the second layer The small movie is specifically heat-sealed, in order that the small movie of the intermediate layer is heat-sealed and laminated on the layer, after which the 2 equal-size vast movies are reheat-sealed right into a single airbag form, and the fuel is printed from the layer width movie to the second layer to print the small movie. Warmth sealing the hole into the airbag, every airbag has a separate air consumption channel, in order that the air stress within the airbag makes the layer and the second layer of the movie tightly closed in order that the fuel cannot move again, in order to play a fuel lock operate.

The product is simple to inflate and simple to make use of. It makes use of a reverse cease valve and could be very straightforward to inflate. Within the place the place the bag extends out, the air inlet is within the center. The air pump can be utilized to inflate the air. After the air is inflated, the air is robotically locked. It may be crammed straight with out utilizing a guide seal. When not in use, the suction tube can be utilized to put the consumption valve within the membrane. Qi, in order to attain the impact of repeated use.





This bag has good airtightness and powerful stress resistance. 10x25cm inflatable bag can bear the load of greater than 60 kilograms of adults. It’s appropriate for worldwide and home long-time in-box packing transportation. It has good shockproof impact and good put on resistance. Air retention time is as much as three months, excessive air tightness, sturdy and sturdy.


Earlier than the air is full After the air is crammed Used for
9x15cm 5x5x11cm about Mail filling and packing, shoe assist
9x20cm 5x5x16cm about Mail filling and packing, shoe assist
10x15cm 6x7x11cm about Mail filling and packing, shoe assist
10x20cm 6x7x16cm about Mail filling and packing, shoe assist
10x25cm 6x7x21cm about Mail filling and packing, shoe assist
10x30cm 6x7x26cm about Mail filling and packing, shoe assist
13x25cm 7x8x21cm about Mail filling and packing, shoe assist
15x20cm 9x10x16cm about Mail filling and packing, filling baggage
15x25cm 9x10x21cm about Mail filling and packing, filling baggage
15x30cm 9x10x26cm about  Mail filling and packing, filling baggage
15x35cm 9x10x31cm about Mail filling and packing, filling baggage
20x20cm 10x16x16cm about Mail filling and packing, filling baggage
20x30cm 12x13x26cm about Mail filling and packing, filling baggage
20x25cm 12x13x21cm about Filling baggage
25x30cm 14x17x26cm about Filling baggage
25x35cm 14x17x31cm about Filling baggage
30x35cm 22x24x29cm about Filling baggage
.30x40cm 22x24x33cm about Filling baggage
30x50cm 22x24x42cm about Filling baggage
35x45cm 24x28x38cm about Filling baggage
40x50cm 26x30x42cm about Stuffed college baggage, baggage
40x60cm 26x30x50cm about Stuffed college baggage, baggage
45x45cm 27x38x38cm about Stuffed college baggage, baggage
60x80cm 40x43x70cm about filling Trolley journey baggage




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