Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Outdoor Leadership

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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Outdoor Leadership

1. Have the next honors: Camp Craft and Tenting Expertise I-III[edit]

Solutions to the Camp Craft, Tenting Expertise I, Tenting Expertise II, Tenting Expertise III, honor could be discovered within the Recreation chapter of this Wikibook.

2. Earn 4 of the next honors. From the checklist beneath restudy any beforehand earned honor so that you may give a educated reply to the necessities.[edit]

3. Have the First Help Honor.[edit]

Directions and ideas for incomes the First Help, Commonplace honor could be discovered within the Well being and Science chapter.

4. Know what to do to beat concern when misplaced. Know a minimum of 4 methods to sign for assist if misplaced within the wilderness.[edit]

Overcoming concern when misplaced[edit]

Most individuals are overcome by concern when they’re in a scenario and so they have no idea what to do. If what to do forward of time, you may consider doing it quite than in your concern. Right here are some things that you can do when misplaced:

The most effective recommendation about being misplaced, is – DON’T! And one of the best ways to maintain from getting misplaced is to remain on the trail.

In case you out of the blue understand that you just have no idea the place you might be, then listed here are some issues to do:

  1. Do not panic. You possibly can’t assume clearly once you panic, so take a deep breath and chill out.
  2. Pray. You could not know the place you might be, however God does, so speak to Him.
  3. Keep the place you might be. It’s a lot simpler for somebody to search out you in the event you keep put.
  4. Pay attention for the sounds of different campers, visitors, waterfalls, rivers, airplanes or something which may assist you discover your approach again.
  5. Go searching – perhaps you will acknowledge one thing that may information you again to civilization.
  6. If in case you have a whistle, blow on it. If you do not have a whistle, yell loudly. Somebody in your celebration may hear you. Repeat this each 15 minutes or so and make sure you pay attention after every sounding. (three of something is universally acknowledged as a name for assist, so three whistle blasts, or three shouts)
  7. If in case you have a map and compass, attempt to find your place by on the lookout for hills valleys or streams.
  8. You possibly can attempt to relocate the path, however you don’t want to get any additional away out of your final recognized location. Mark your location with one thing – a backpack, hat, or a big rock – however be certain it is one thing unmistakable. Then enterprise 10 meters out, and circle your marker, all of the whereas wanting about to see in the event you acknowledge the path or a landmark, and all the time maintaining your marker in view. If you don’t see something you acknowledge, widen the circle by one other 10 meters and repeat. Proceed circling your marker at ever wider intervals, however cease when persevering with would trigger you to lose sight of the marker.
  9. Climb a tree or hillside. A better vantage level may reveal a landmark you missed from a decrease elevation.
  10. If it is an hour or much less till sundown, put together to spend a cushty night. Make a shelter, and light-weight a fireplace. Issues will look higher within the morning, and your fireplace might entice a rescuer.

Signaling for assist[edit]

Name for assist with a mobile phone

Nowadays, that is in all probability the best methodology of signaling for assist. If you end up in hassle and need assistance, the mobile phone might be the very first thing you’ll consider, and rightfully so. Voice communication is a really efficient methodology of speaking with others. If you’re in an space with a weak sign and voice communication is spotty, remember about textual content messaging. Texting could be profitable even when voice communications fail as a result of the cellphone will proceed sending the message till it will get by way of.

Blow a whistle

You possibly can blow a whistle a lot louder than you may yell. Moreover, you may blow on a whistle repeatedly over an extended time period with out getting a sore throat.

Make a misery sign

Make a misery sign on the bottom by piling rocks, branches, or different particles to kind giant letters spelling “S.O.S.” That is the universally acknowledged sign for assist. Attempt to use supplies that distinction with the encompassing setting. In winter, you might be able to stomp an SOS into the snow. Make the letters learn from east to west (or west to east) in order that the shadows catch the letters higher.

Mild three fires

You might also gentle three fires to sign for assist. Construct them both in a line or in a triangle, and get them good and scorching. Whenever you see a rescue airplane throughout daylight, add inexperienced plant matter to the flames. This could trigger thick smoke. Watch out to not extinguish the hearth by doing this.

Signaling mirror
The emergency signaling mirror is roughly Three by 5 inches and consists of an aluminized reflecting glass mirror, a again cowl glass, and a sighting machine. It’s used to draw the consideration of passing plane or ships by reflection, both in daylight or in hazy climate. The reflections of this shatterproof mirror could be seen at a distance of 30 miles at an altitude of 10,000 ft. Although much less efficient, and with doable shorter vary, mirror flashes will also be seen on cloudy days with restricted visibility. To make use of the mirror, proceed as follows:

  1. Punch a cross-hole in its middle.
  2. Maintain the mirror about Three inches in entrance of your face and sight by way of the cross on the ship or plane. The spot of sunshine shining by way of the outlet onto your face can be seen within the cross-hole.
  3. Whereas maintaining a sight on the ship or plane, regulate the mirror till the spot of sunshine in your face disappears within the gap. The intense spot, seen by way of the sight, will then be aimed immediately on the search ship or plane.

5. Know a minimum of 4 secular actions and 4 Sabbath actions to make use of in an out­door setting when you have a wet day.[edit]

Secular Actions[edit]

  • Sit everybody in a circle. Go across the circle and have every particular person add one phrase to a narrative. Maintain going across the circle till the story falls aside (it will not take lengthy).
  • Play board video games.
  • Acquire and purify rainwater.
  • Work on the Climate honor.
  • Play I Spy. Whoever is “it” chooses one thing, notes its shade, and says “I spy with my little eye one thing crimson.” (Assuming the famous shade was crimson). Then have every particular person take turns guessing what it was.
  • 20 Questions. It chooses an merchandise and can reply as much as 20 sure/no questions on what it’s till somebody guesses it.
  • Charades

Sabbath Actions[edit]

  • Play a recreation of Bible trivia.
  • Learn a narrative from the Bible and have others mime the elements as you learn. Encourage them to be as expressive as they’ll.
  • Sing.
  • Have notepads and pencils out there and draw sketches. You possibly can sketch:
    • Bushes and rocks
    • Different campers
    • Bible tales
  • Make a Bible rebus.
  • Work on an honor from the Nature collection.
  • Construct a fireplace within the rain (see Tenting Expertise IV). Speak about Elijah’s expertise on Mount Carmel.
  • Learn Genesis 6-8 (Noah).
  • Put in your ponchos and go for a hike (except there’s lightning). Keep off ridges.
  • Bible Charades

6. Do the next in an outside setting[edit]

a. Plan, manage, and do the instructing of 1 nature honor to a bunch of youth.[edit]

Ideally, the character honor you train ought to draw an the assets out there within the chosen out of doors setting. For that reason, it’s possible you’ll want to go to the location to see what sorts of natural world can be found for a nature research forward of time. Whereas some nature honors aren’t depending on the presence of pure assets (such because the Climate honor), others (such because the Ferns honor or the Edible Wild Vegetation honor) will profit vastly from their presence. Do not simply hope for one of the best – put together! Seek the advice of the Nature chapter of this e-book for extra info.

b. Help in instructing tenting abilities required in any tenting honor and/or AY Class necessities to a bunch of youth.[edit]

The primary 4 AY Courses require that the Pathfinder earn Tenting Expertise I (Pal), Tenting Expertise II (Companion), Tenting Expertise III (Explorer), or Tenting Expertise IV (Ranger). The Voyager and Information courses can optionally earn the Pioneering, Winter Tenting, Backpacking, or Wilderness Residing honors, or this honor (Out of doors Management).

c. Decide the place the closest hospital is positioned.[edit]

Conventional strategies

You may get an atlas or a map of the world, familiarize your self with the close by cities and cities. Then seek the advice of the enterprise listings in a cellphone e-book wanting beneath hospital till you discover which one is closest to your website.

Utilizing Google Maps

A technique to do that is through the use of the “Discover companies” characteristic of Google Maps. Enter “hospital” within the “What” field (which seems first), and the placement or deal with of your out of doors setting within the “The place” field (which seems second).

Utilizing Mapquest

You should utilize the “get instructions” characteristic at Beneath the “beginning location”, enter the deal with of the out of doors setting. Beneath the “Ending Location” enter “hospital” within the “place identify” field, and the identical metropolis or city because the beginning location – even when there isn’t any hospital in that city, it is going to return the closest hospital to you. It’s going to show a listing of hospitals and veterinary clinics, ordered by distance (nearest first). Verify that the ability you select is certainly a hospital.

d. Decide the place the closest help from the police or a park ranger could be obtained.[edit]

In case your out of doors setting is beneath the jurisdiction of a park ranger group, they’d be your main supply of assist if there’s an emergency. In any other case, it’s best to use the identical strategies outlined for locating a hospital to search out the closest police station.

7. By way of the Bible and/or the writings of Ellen G. White research and learn the way the outside influenced the next Bible characters[edit]

a. Moses[edit]

Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and lived within the desert for 40 years. Throughout the entire of this time, he was their chief. Moses demonstrated each persistence and knowledge. He cared for the individuals he led, and was consistently attempting to assist them each bodily and spiritually.

b. David[edit]

Through the time of King Saul’s reign, Saul was decided to kill David. Because of this, David fled to the wilderness the place he was joined by a band of males. David demonstrated persistence, crafty, and forgiveness. He was prepared to let the Lord place him on the throne in His personal time quite than taking issues into his personal palms.

c. Elijah[edit]

Like David, Elijah fled to the wilderness to flee the wrath of the king. He lived by the brook Cherith for 2 years throughout a time of drought. The Lord supplied his meals, and his water was provided by the brook. When the brook dried up, Elijah was despatched to Zaraphath, and was current when the Lord carried out a miracle for a widow and her son dwelling there. Elijah lived with this widow till the drought ended.

d. Joshua[edit]

When Moses died, Joshua took over because the chief of the Israelites. Joshua confirmed knowledge and persistence as Moses did, and was trustworthy to Moses’ legacy.

e. Jesus[edit]

Jesus’ ministry started with a visit to the wilderness the place he was tempted by Devil (Matthew 4). First, Devil urged that Jesus use His energy to fulfill his bodily starvation; this was a temptation to make use of His divine energy to fulfill His personal wants. Second, he urged that Jesus leap from a excessive place, in order that the angels would catch him; this was a temptation to make use of His divine energy to glorify Himself. Third, he advised Jesus that if He would worship him, he would launch his declare on the world; this was the temptation to confess that Devil’s expenses have been appropriate, and that God’s regulation was unfair.

Jesus overcame the temptations, quoting scripture to refute Devil on every level. Jesus used the time He spent within the wilderness to commune with His Father, and to put out His mission. We can also use time spent within the wilderness to do the identical.

Strive utilizing this “door foldable” to show this honor:

8. Know what concerns needs to be given in an outside setting with a bunch of youth within the following areas[edit]

a. Tenting security[edit]

Knife Security[edit]

  • Maintain your blades sharp. A uninteresting knife is tough to push by way of wooden, requiring further drive. When the wooden lastly provides, the blade retains going.
  • All the time push the blade away from you, and consistently take into account the place the blade will go.
  • Maintain your fingers away from the blade always.
  • When splitting wooden with a knife, don’t hammer on the again of the blade. This weakens the attachment to the deal with and deforms the blade.
  • Shut a pocket knife when it isn’t in use or if you find yourself carrying it.
  • Maintain all blades away from warmth. Warmth will take away the mood, softening the blade. A delicate blade won’t maintain an edge, making it almost inconceivable to maintain it sharp.

Axe Security[edit]

  • Earlier than chopping any wooden, take a delicate apply swing to test that the axe won’t catch on something (equivalent to an overhead department).
  • Think about what is going to occur in the event you miss no matter you might be chopping at – will you by chance hit a finger? A foot? A bystander? Depart loads of margin for error.
  • Be sure the axe head is firmly connected to the axe deal with. Whether it is unfastened, it’s possible you’ll tighten it by wetting the deal with, by driving a hardwood wedge into the deal with by way of the attention of the blade, or by rapping the axe deal with vertically on a tough floor.
  • Maintain bystanders away by one arms size plus two axe-lengths.
  • When handing somebody an axe, current the deal with to them quite than the blade.
  • Stroll with the blade going through away from you.
  • Sheathe the axe when it’s not in use.
  • All the time preserve agency footing when utilizing or carrying an axe.
  • Cease if you find yourself drained and relaxation. Drained individuals are extra liable to accidents and errors.

Toxic Vegetation[edit]

Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac all trigger a rash when oils from the plant come into contact with the pores and skin. The contact doesn’t should be direct – it may be transferred from the plant to a different merchandise, and then to the pores and skin. Instruments, pets, and clothes can all switch the oil from the plant to the pores and skin. The most effective protection in opposition to this rash is to have the ability to acknowledge these vegetation, keep alert, and keep away from contact. In case you do come into contact with any of them, the very first thing it’s best to do is instantly wash the affected space with cleaning soap and water. It will, in lots of circumstances, stop the rash from creating. If contact went undetected and a rash does develop, apply Calamine lotion or a cortizone cream to the affected space. If the rash develops on the face or genitals, search medical consideration.

b. Hearth security[edit]

  • Find the hearth in a protected place. It needs to be clear for 10 ft (Three meters) throughout.
  • Don’t gentle a fireplace beneath overhanging branches.
  • Don’t use accelerants, equivalent to lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene, and so forth. Be taught to gentle a fireplace with out these.
  • Put the hearth out utterly earlier than leaving it. If it is too scorching to place your palms within the ashes, it isn’t sufficiently out. Douse it down with water, flip the coals with a shovel, and make sure you extinguish each coal and ember.
  • Don’t construct a fireplace on high of flammable materials equivalent to grass or leaves.
  • Lower away the sod (hold it moist so it stays alive, and exchange it earlier than your depart), and clear away the duff and litter.
  • Maintain fireplace extinguishing provides helpful and close to the hearth. A bucket of water or sand, or a fireplace extinguisher are advisable.
  • Don’t take away burning sticks from a fireplace.
  • Look ahead to embers that escape the hearth pit and extinguish them instantly.
  • Put on correct footwear round a fireplace.
  • Remember that paper, cardboard, and leaves create floating embers that rise out of the hearth pit and will land dozens of yards away.
  • Don’t gentle a fireplace when situations are opposed (excessive winds, or drought situations).

c. Sanitation[edit]

If tenting at a facility that has bogs, use them. If tenting within the wilderness, you’ll have to both construct a latrine or use cat holes. Do “your small business” a minimum of 60 meters200 feet away from any supply of water (equivalent to a spring, river, or lake), and a minimum of 30 meters100 feet away out of your camp. Dig a shallow gap 7-10cm3-4 inches deep and go there. Then bury it (and any rest room paper). At this depth, there’s numerous micro organism within the soil to shortly compost your waste. Digging deeper will make it take longer.

Simply since you are tenting doesn’t imply you might be at liberty to skip private hygiene. Wash your palms earlier than you eat and after you reply “nature’s name.” Brush your tooth earlier than you go to mattress and after breakfast. Wash your face and clear your fingernails.

Maintain your kitchen clear too, and wash your dishes as quickly as you end consuming. Dishes needs to be washed with scorching, soapy, potable water. A number of drops of bleach needs to be added to your rinse water. It is a good suggestion to warmth dish washing water whereas getting ready meals in order that it is able to use as quickly as there are soiled dishes to clean. Make certain the water shouldn’t be scorching sufficient to scald anybody’s palms. Chilly water and boiling water could be blended half-and-half for a cushty washing temperature.

d. Swimming security guidelines[edit]

  • By no means swim alone. All the time swim with a buddy.
  • Don’t swim except there are adults current.
  • Don’t dive into water till that it’s deep sufficient and free from particles
  • On seashores, rivers, and lakes, put on protecting footwear. It will guard in opposition to damaged glass, sharp rocks, and so forth.
  • By no means fake to be drowning
  • If swimming in an space monitored by a life guard, keep within the life guard’s view.
  • Don’t chew gum or eat meals whereas swimming.
  • Keep away from diving boards. A diver might not see you.
  • Don’t interact in horseplay, bounce on, or dunk one other swimmer.
  • Don’t run in a pool space.
  • Pool areas needs to be fenced in to maintain toddlers out. Maintain the gate closed!
  • Obey the principles established for the swimming space.
  • Solely swim in areas the place swimming is allowed.
  • If caught in a riptide, swim parallel to shore. Riptides are slim, so it’s best to have the ability to swim out of the present by swimming throughout it.
  • Don’t swim out farther than you may swim out. Keep in mind that you’re extra drained once you get on the market than once you began, so be conservative. Don’t overestimate your skills.
  • Don’t swim throughout stormy climate.
  • Don’t depend on inflatable toys as life preservers. In case you attempt to cross a big physique of water on an air mattress and it springs a leak, you can be in deep trouble. By no means go farther out on one in every of these than you may swim again.

e. Guidelines for conduct[edit]

  • Deal with everybody with respect.
  • Don’t go off alone.
  • Let your counselor know the place you’re going, who you’ll be with, and when you’ll be again. By no means depart with out permission.
  • All the time go in threes.
  • Don’t gentle fireplace except an grownup is current.
  • Apply fireplace security.
  • Apply, axe, hatchet, and knife security.
  • Put on a PFD (Private Flotation Gadget) when utilizing a ship of any sort.
  • All the time depart an space cleaner than you discovered it.
  • Do not forget that medical help is tougher to get and takes longer to reach in wilderness areas (what is the deal with of some level on a path?) Due to this, ratchet up the warning stage. Do not take probabilities.
  • Maintain down the noise stage so you don’t disturb others.
  • Ensure you are welcome to return.
  • Don’t take, destroy, or injury services, vegetation, or animals.
  • Report accidents as quickly as doable.
  • Don’t trespass.

f. Correct Sabbath observance[edit]

As an outside chief, it is advisable to do not forget that the individuals you might be main may have alternative ways of observing the Sabbath. Most Adventist kids of Pathfinder age will observe it as they’ve been taught by their mother and father, and it’s important that you just not undermine the mother and father’ instructing on this regard. “Liberal” mother and father won’t thoughts in the event you lead their kids in conservative Sabbath observance, however “conservative” mother and father are more likely to get very upset if interact in actions they’re forbidden to do at residence. Due to this, you might be inspired to undertake a conservative method to Sabbath observance if you find yourself main them. It’s best to do that even when not one of the kids in your care come from conservative houses, as a result of if a brand new one joins you who is conservative, you’ll put that baby at a critical drawback once you out of the blue have to alter the “guidelines”. The Sabbath will then change into a burden each to the brand new baby and to the others who’ve been within the membership for some time.

Likewise, you ought to be cautious about telling kids from liberal households that their observance of the Sabbath is insufficient or flawed. Somewhat, it’s best to inform them “the membership doesn’t observe the Sabbath that approach” with out making a judgment on the way in which the kid has been taught at residence.

Correctly noticed, the Sabbath is not to be a burden.

“Keep in mind the Sabbath day, to maintain it holy.” Right here, “holy” means “put aside for a particular objective.” The Sabbath is put aside as a day for us to be taught extra about God and to ponder His Creation. Simply as a park is a spot put aside for particular actions, the Sabbath is “a park in time.” We don’t construct houses, places of work, or factories in parks, nor will we interact in on a regular basis duties on the Sabbath. We put apart our homework, home tasks, and our livelihood-work and take a break from it. This can be a present from God.

The Sabbath is a memorial to the inventive energy of God, so that basically makes it an ideal day to acquaint ourselves and others with God’s Creation.

9. Record a minimum of six methods you may hold the out-of-doors lovely for others to get pleasure from.[edit]

  • Take the “take solely footage, depart solely footprints” motto to coronary heart.
  • Decide up litter
  • Choose low-impact leisure actions:
    • Use canoes and kayaks as an alternative of motor boats
    • Use cross-country skis or snowshoes as an alternative of snowmobiles
    • Use mountaineering boots as an alternative of ATVs
  • Apply fireplace security
  • Keep on the path
  • Take part in wilderness and park beautification initiatives
  • Scale back, reuse, and recycle – this lowers the stress on pure assets.

10. Know a minimum of ten qualities of a great youth chief.[edit]

youth chief can be:

  1. Affected person
  2. Loving
  3. Nicely-prepared
  4. Versatile
  5. Punctual
  6. Accountable
  7. Mature
  8. Organized
  9. Merciful
  10. Honest
  11. Decisive
  12. Enthusiastic
  13. Passionate
  14. Compassionate
  15. Dedicated
  16. Persuasive
  17. Brave
  18. Selfless

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