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Amelia Earhart was one of many first feminine pilots in Earth historical past. She had been on expeditions everywhere in the world, and recalled seeing folks doing all types of unusual issues to their our bodies. Within the mid-20th century she turned well-known for being the primary lady to fly throughout the Atlantic Ocean. In 1937 she tried to fly around the globe, and on July 2nd, she and her navigator, Fred Noonan, took off from New Guinea and headed east, across the equator.

Nevertheless, whereas over the Pacific Ocean, their Lockheed L-10 Electra airplane ran low on gasoline. They started on the lookout for an atoll to set down on, and tried to ship out an SOS. Abruptly, they noticed an enormous gentle behind them. The airplane stopped useless, after which began shifting backwards in direction of the sunshine. That was the final Earhart remembered of the occasion. They have been the truth is being kidnapped by an alien species, the Briori. To the skin world, it appeared that the airplane simply vanished someplace within the South Seas.

Unbeknownst on the time was that the mission was financed by her authorities and was a part of an intelligence operation to collect details about the Japanese. Rumors about this emerged after the Pearl Harbor assault in 1941, and it later turned a part of established historical past.

Plenty of folks spent years or many years attempting to unravel the thriller. Probably the most generally held concept was that the airplane had simply crashed. However no wreckage was discovered regardless of quite a few searches, so extra speculative situations began rising. Some thought she’d been shot down and captured by the Japanese Navy. Others thought that she and Noonan had flown off collectively on some form of romantic journey. Probably the most ridiculed concept was that she had been captured by aliens. By the 22nd century, the thriller was in comparison with the disappearance of Choose Crater and the destiny of the Terra Nova colony. (VOY: “The 37’s“; ENT: “Terra Nova“)

In 2371, the crew of the USS Voyager found that Earhart and Noonan had, the truth is, been kidnapped by aliens generally known as the Briori, together with over 300 different folks in 1937, to be utilized as slave labor on a planet within the Delta Quadrant. The Voyager crew found Earhart and Noonan, together with six different People, in a state of suspended animation, the one kidnapped People who had been left in stasis. By this time, the People had lengthy since overthrown their Briori masters, and their descendants had established a thriving group on the planet. Upon being revived by the Voyager crew, Earhart and the others, who had come to be generally known as “the 37’s” by the Human colonists, got the choice of becoming a member of the crew on their lengthy journey again to the Alpha Quadrant. Earhart joined Captain Janeway whereas she was taking a number of moments respite by wanting on the native surroundings from an overlook whereas Voyager was landed on the planet. Throughout their dialog, Earhart was happy and shocked to seek out out that she had been a private hero to the captain. Earhart and the others declined, nevertheless, and elected to stay on the planet with the opposite Human colonists. (VOY: “The 37’s“)


Background data

Earhart was portrayed by actress Sharon Lawrence.

Footage of Earhart previous to her 1937 flight was featured within the opening credit for Star Trek: Enterprise.

In accordance with the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 226), Amelia Earhart was born in 1898, making her 473 years previous on the time of her look on Star Trek: Voyager. Moreover, Starbase Earhart was “named for aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.” (Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 318). Likewise, the USS Earhart was possible named for her.

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