Chapter 11: Leg-day : TheWalkingDeadGame

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r/TheWalkingDeadGame - Affliction | Chapter 11: Leg-day
r/TheWalkingDeadGame - Affliction | Chapter 11: Leg-day

Lee knew it was harmful, and a tad bit reckless, however he did it anyway. Planting his hand on the sting of the skylight, he dropped down by it; he landed in a crouch subsequent to Bob.

“Why did you try this?!”

“I already mentioned!” Lee replied, pulling out his meat cleaver and carving right into a walker’s mind. “I am not letting you die!”

“We won’t escape! And we certain because the solar’s going to rise not killing all of them! That is a fucking horde!”

“They’re gradual, and we’re sooner. We are able to outrun the fuckers no drawback.”

“Then riddle me this,” Bob mentioned, backing away from the approaching horde, he felt the wall behind him. “There’s a method in, which suggests a method out. We now have our backs actually in opposition to the wall, they usually’re nonetheless flooding in. How will we get out?”

Lee went silent. “We won’t.”

Bob growled. “See why this was silly? You should not even be right here! You are not part of this group.”

“I got here out in search of you. You hadn’t come again in time. All of us feared that one thing occurred to you guys, so that they despatched me out.”

“Sensible plan. Who’s concept was it?”

“Tim’s. he was nervous about you, and everybody else agreed.”

Bob went silent. The walkers have been getting shut. “I’ve a plan that might work to get you out of right here.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t be concerned about me. I do know what I am doing. You go left, and I am going proper.”

“Alright.” Lee agreed. Rapidly, they cut up up, going to reverse sides of the shop. Bob noticed Lee escape the walker’s line of sight, and he seized the chance by the throat.

“Hey, assholes!” Bob known as out, reaching the ears of the walkers on the opposite facet of the shop. “Large ol’ tasty meal over right here! Meal time, you undead fucks!”

And like that, the horde of walkers all set their soulless eyes on him. Bob moved into the nook, pushing his again so far as it may go into it. Quickly sufficient, the primary walker made it to him, and he did not even attempt to struggle it because it reached out and grabbed him.

It felt like tens of millions of undead palms grabbed him, and shortly after, they took their first chunk. They ripped out his throat with their yellow enamel. Palms thrust into his chest with unnatural energy and broke by his ribcage. He slid down the wall, and the walkers collapsed over one another, desperately making an attempt to feed on his corpse.

Lee watched sadly, poking his head out across the shelf as extra walkers piled on high of Bob’s physique. He moved slowly throughout the shop, being further cautious to not entice them again to him.

He snuck previous the damaged cabinets and panic surged by him when he felt a hand clasp round his ankle. He tripped and regarded down at his leg. A walker trapped below the shelf had grabbed him. Its mouth opened, and earlier than Lee may react, it chomped down on his calf, biting into the muscle with its degraded enamel. He gritted his enamel, and kicked on the walker, knocking it off him. Lee crawled onto his ft and limped in direction of the exit. He spared a glance behind him, and the commotion had attracted the walkers to him. He made it to the door, and slammed it shut behind him.

The streets of Macon have been empty. He rested his palms on his knees and took deep breaths. Dread crammed him, worming its method into his mind.

“Shit…” He regarded up on the retailer as he noticed Ava and Carley descend the ladder.

“We now have to chop it off,” Carley mentioned. “Earlier than you flip.”

The walkers slammed in opposition to the door. “Not now.” Lee returned, already starting to limp away. “The place’s the truck?”

“Simply across the nook,” Ava answered, strolling beside him.

Ultimately, the trio made it the truck. Lee could not assist however snort on the “shit occurs” bumper sticker. He clambered onto the again, the place Carley quickly joined him. She pulled out a hatchet and Ava began the car.

Quickly, they have been transferring. “Do it,” Lee mentioned. Carley raised the hatchet and Lee braced himself. The blade got here down simply beneath his knee. He screamed in agony because it carved by his leg. It hit the bone, and bounced off. Carley lifted the hatchet as soon as once more, and in a last swing, she broke by the bone and hit the onerous floor of the truck. Lee screamed one final time and handed out. His stump was showering blood everywhere.

“Fuck…” Carley spoke softly. “Ava, how shut are we?”

“Not too far!” Ava known as again, pushing the truck to maneuver sooner.

“Dangle in there, Lee.”

In the meantime, again on the motel: Lilly, Larry, Kenny, Logan and Michaela have been discussing the arrival of the older Clementine.

“I simply do not perceive how that is attainable,” Michaela mentioned. “I watched loads of Sci-Fi shit, however even I can not clarify this.”

“Duck goes on and on about his comedian books.” Kenny provided. “He was speaking about totally different universes the opposite day. Possibly that is somethin’ like that?”

“Unattainable!” Larry exclaimed. “That comedian guide shit is simply an escape. None of it’s actual.”

“Dad,” Lilly replied. “That is not the Clementine I do know. She would not randomly punch me for doing nothing.”

“That is the factor, sweetheart,” Kenny continued, and god did Lilly wish to punch him for calling her that. “What should you did do one thing the place she’s from?”

“Then she must be taught to manage her mood,” Lilly growled. “I did not do something, and this loopy bitch broke my nostril!”

Logan sighed, irritation conveyed by his angled eyebrows. “If we will hold this civil?”

Abruptly, their dialog received shattered by a truck barreling by the gate earlier than Sebastian may open it. The hinges received broken of their haste.

Kenny’s eye widened when he noticed Lee’s lacking leg. “Kat!” He known as out. “We’d like you! We now have wounded!”

The youthful Clementine got here working over. “W-What is going on on?”

“Clem, honey.” Kenny kneeled to her stage. Taking her hand and inserting a key in her small palms. “Go get the opposite you. Hopefully, she’ll be capable to assist us out right here.”

Clementine nodded, working off to the cell.

“What’s it?” Katjaa requested, working over with Duck not too far behind.

“It is Lee. They introduced him again, and he is lacking his goddamn leg!” Kenny answered.

“Jesus, Ken. I-I will strive.” She replied, slipping gloves on and making use of strain to Lee’s stump. “I-I would like bandages and a solution to cauterise it. Now!”

“Cauterise what- Lee!” The older Clementine shouted, the youthful shortly behind her. “What the fuck occurred?” She turned on Ava and Carley. “What the fuck did you do?!”

“What I needed to!” Carley shouted again. “He was bit! What did you need me to do? Let him flip!”

Clementine swallowed her anger and turned again to Katjaa. “I will get a fireplace began. Preserve him alive! I am not dropping him once more! Not this fucking quickly!” She grabbed the axe leaning in opposition to the RV and sprinted out the gate and into the forest.

The youthful Clementine stared in shock at Lee. He was paler than she had ever seen earlier than. She ignored how shortly a crowd had fashioned across the legless man, too centered on her protector to care.

“Dad, get the youngsters away. They need not see this.” Lilly requested. Larry accepted her reasoning and started to usher the youngsters away. Duck and Fern willingly left, leaving Clementine alone. Larry crouched down, blocking the solar from coming into her eyes. Faintly within the distance she may hear the older her starting to cut down a tree.

“Clementine.” Larry started, “We do not need you to see this.”

“C’mon,” Michaela mentioned, letting her open hand linger down by her facet, “Wish to go draw one thing?”

Reluctantly, Clementine took her hand and adopted her.

“Ken, honey? I would like you!” Katjaa shouted.

Kenny appeared beside her. “What can I do?”

Katjaa let go of Lee’s stump and shortly pressed his palms onto it as a alternative. “I would like you to cease the bleeding as a lot as you’ll be able to while I collect some medical provides. He is misplaced sufficient blood as it’s.”

The person nodded quickly. “Do not take too lengthy, Kat.”

Katjaa was already working off. “Belief me, I do know.”

“Wait, wait,” Tim mentioned, catching everybody’s consideration. Fear coursed by Carley and Ava, they shared a glance as Tim scanned everybody. “The place’s Bob? The place is my boyfriend?”

“Tim…” Ava mentioned, receiving nothing however a wounded look from him, “I-I am sorry, so sorry, however he did not make it.”

“No, no, no. Bob did. The place is he?”

“The walkers received him… Lee tried to save lots of him, and that is how he received bit.”

Tim teared up. “Take me to him. I-I have to see him.”

“I-I am afraid that is not an choice… We received overran at a retailer. Bob got- he received torn aside.” Carley mentioned.

“S-So that you’re telling me that items of Bob are chilling out within the intestines of walkers?” Tim snapped. He shook his head roughly. “I-I would like a while alone…”

“Alright…” Ava accepted, watching Tim storm away. “I’ll go offer you guys house to work.”

“Yeah, me too,” Carley mentioned.

A loud thud from exterior the partitions attracted their consideration. The tree Clementine was chopping down, all of them assumed.

“I’ll assist her,” Larry commented.

Kenny raised an eyebrow, stunned. “I believed you hated her and Lee’s guts?”

“I do.” Larry threw again, marching out of the motel and to Clementine.

Kenny shook his head dismissively and went again to specializing in stopping Lee’s bleeding. “No matter you say…”


Larry watched with crossed arms as Clementine lifted the axe and slammed it down on the fallen log. He took be aware of her posture, the precision and energy behind every hit. He held a begrudging respect for her, particularly when all of it clicked in his thoughts.

“You are a soldier, aren’t you?”

Clementine froze, the axe buried deep contained in the log. She tensed and checked out him, blazes of anger in her eyes. Her jaw clenched tightly. She was a spring able to pounce at any second. “Do not name me that.”

“You are a soldier,” Larry repeated. “I can see it clear as day. The best way you carry your self and that look in your eye. I’ve seen it earlier than in individuals who have gone by loads. However you? Solely a soldier may have eyes like that.”

Clementine let go of the axe. “You have not received the primary clue of what I’ve to reside with, the shit I’ve carried out to outlive.”

“I fought in Vietnam. I’ve carried out my fair proportion of dangerous issues.”

Clementine sighed. “Have you ever ever betrayed every little thing you stand for? I joined a fucking group that kidnapped folks and made them their troopers. I killed those that I had the nerve to name my buddies. That is going to hang-out me, endlessly.”

Larry went silent.

“I see them typically…” Clementine stared previous him, as if she have been seeing ghosts lining up behind him, maybe she was. “Javi, Violet, Louis… Christa and Molly. I killed all of them. A bullet or knife to the top while they slept was all it took.”

“I went to warfare to attempt to create a greater life for my lady…” Larry spoke, incomes a fast look from the lady reverse him, who had started chopping as soon as once more. “What was your purpose?”

“To maintain my child secure. I-I did not have a alternative. I struggle, in alternate, they do not kill my goofball…” Clementine paused, acknowledging Larry’s seen anger. She was stunned he was sharing the identical opinion as her. “Till I realized that they have been going to kill him after the warfare was over; after they now not had a use for me. So I did what anyone would do in that scenario.”

“Which was?”

“I fought again. Ended up planting a bomb and blowing the place sky-high. That is all I can keep in mind, after which I awoke right here, prior to now of a distinct timeline with no clue the place AJ is.”

“Who was main these asshats?”

Clementine made eye contact with him earlier than answering. “Who else aside from Lilly? Your daughter was main them.”

“Bullshit. Lilly would not try this. I do know my daughter.”

“Clearly, you do not know her effectively sufficient. After your dying, she modified. She shot and killed Carley, so Lee kicked her out. I by no means noticed her once more till a lot later. Lengthy after Lee had handed and I had put a bullet in his cranium.” She frowned, saddened on the reminiscence. “I do not assume I’ve the energy to do this once more.”

Larry grabbed the firewood that she had chopped. “If we make this hearth fast sufficient, you will not need to.”

“Yeah, let’s get it began.” She grabbed herself a bundle of firewood and adopted Larry again inside. “After which repair the door.”

A tut of frustration got here from Larry, and he crudely dropped the wooden on the ground.

She crouched down and organized the wooden correctly. “Are you able to get some kindling? I will search for some flint.”

“Alright.” Larry accepted, going into the forest but once more.

Clementine let her head drop. Her physique trembled barely with exhaustion. Ever since her little one-person rise up in opposition to the Delta, she hadn’t caught the prospect to relaxation. She regarded up on the Spring sky, the brim of her hat shielding her from the solar’s harsh rays. It regarded so overseas. She knew deep down that she did not belong right here. It wasn’t an alien feeling to her; she was used to it. She by no means did slot in wherever, placing out on her personal at all times appeared higher than sticking with folks. What could be the purpose? She’d lose all of them anyway. They might die due to her, and he or she could be on her personal but once more. Travelling with much more tragedy following her heels; much more demons inside to attempt to conquer.

God, she wanted a drink.

Her thought course of was interrupted by the loud sound of a heavy bag of medical provides dropping onto the again of the truck. “Can you retain your hand there, Ken? I would like to put this pillow below his leg. It will make it simpler to work on.” Katjaa mentioned.

“You bought it, hon,” Kenny replied. Clementine caught a glimpse of steel-like willpower blazing wildly of their eyes. Kenny’s forehead furrowed in focus and Clementine slapped herself for getting misplaced in her ideas.

“Silly, silly, silly.” She repeated to herself, attending to her ft and working off, desperately looking for something that might create a spark.

“Keep again!” Carley screamed, aiming her pistol at two figures exterior the motel gate. Clementine immediately knew who they have been.

“Damnit…” She sneered. “Not now.”

“Whoa, whoa. Relax, woman. Me and my brother right here, we’re solely lookin’ for some gasoline.” It was Andy St John. Clementine by no means wished she had a gun greater than she did on this very second.

“We now have gasoline,” Mark spoke up naively.

Clementine stood, catching her youthful self’s eyes earlier than strolling up subsequent to Carley. She crossed her arms and glared on the two brothers; she glanced at Carley’s gun. Clementine may simply steal it and kill the brothers earlier than anyone may react. She may keep away from your entire scenario proper right here and proper now. All she needed to do was act.

What ought to the older Clementine do?

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