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Recorded since 1611, from chub (quick, thick fish species used as bait”; used metaphorically since 1558 for “lazy individual), an assibilated type of cub (a lump, heap, mass) and cob, from Center English *cubbe (discovered solely in by-product cubbel (a block to which an animal is tethered)), from Outdated Norse kubbr, kumbr (block, stump, log) and/or Outdated Norse kumben (stumpy), equal to chub +‎ -y. Cognate with dialectal Swedish kubbug (fats, plump, chubby). Extra at chub.



chubby (comparative chubbier, superlative chubbiest)

  1. Of an individual: barely chubby, considerably fats, and therefore plump, rounded, and delicate.
    Synonyms: chunky, plump, podgy, tubby

    Clearly the chubby little one was consuming an excessive amount of.

    • 2010, Marsha Hubler, The Lengthy Experience House, Zonderkidz (→ISBN), web page 97:
      Slowly Skye wrapped her arms across the chubby lady’s body and rested her head on Rita’s chest drenched with perspiration.
  2. Of a physique half: containing a reasonable quantity of fats.
    Synonyms: chunky, plump, podgy

    It’s fairly regular for infants to have chubby cheeks.

    • 1867, Ivan Sergheïevitch Turgenef [i.e., Ivan Turgenev], chapter I, in Eugene Schuyler, transl., Fathers and Sons [], New York, N.Y.: Leypoldt and Holt, OCLC 1320657, web page 1:

      The servant to whom he put this query was a younger fellow with chubby cheeks, small, boring eyes, and a spherical chin, coated with a colorless down.

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chubby (plural chubbies)

  1. A chubby, plump individual
    • 1949, R. Duffy Lewis, Dorothy Stote, How one can construct an toddler’s, ladies’ and teenagers’ put on enterprise: a guide for retailers and potential store homeowners
      The chubby is the lady who can’t be fitted within the common 7 to 14 measurement vary as a result of she is simply too stout. Sizes for these ladies are 7*four to 141/^, and are specifically styled and designed to present them higher proportions.
    • 2007, Jackie Guerra, Beneath Development: How I’ve Gained and Misplaced Tens of millions of {Dollars} and A whole lot of Kilos, New Amer Library (→ISBN)
      The chubby is particularly taken as a right: “Hey, are you able to watch my purse whereas I dance?”
  2. (LGBT slang) An chubby or overweight homosexual man.
  3. (slang) A penile erection, particularly when quick and with a big circumference; a boner.
    Hey, Lucius, I simply needed to share a chunk of non-public data with you. I’ve received a… a chubby proper now as a result of [starts screaming] This is likely one of the most superior experiences of my life!—Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Derived phrases[edit]


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