Grandma’s Going to the Grocery Store

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Grandma’s Going to the Grocery Store

(take heed to your trainer, say and clap the rhythm)


Grandma’s going to the grocery retailer

One, two, three, 4. (twice)



Grandma’s going. (twice)


The place’s she going?

To the grocery retailer

One, two, three, 4.


When’s she going?

At 1 / 4 previous 4

One, two, three, 4.

What’s she going to purchase on the grocery retailer?

One, two, three, 4. (twice)


A loaf of bread,

A bottle of milk,

An enormous bag of biscuits (twice)

And slightly tin of peas.


Grandma’s going to the grocery retailer

One, two, three, 4 (twice)


What, the place, why, when, who, how, whose?

I believe I(ha)’ve acquired the questions blues!

What number of, which, how a lot, how lengthy?

It helps if you happen to sing this little tune.


My Home. Englishman’s Residence


Warming up:

That is the Key of the Kingdom

That is the important thing of the dominion.

In that kingdom there’s a metropolis.

In that metropolis there’s a avenue.

In that avenue there’s a yard.

In that yard there’s a home.

In that home there’s a room.

In that room there’s a desk.

On that desk there’s a vase.

In that vase there are flowers.

(Учні вивчають вірш з опорою на ключові слова й схему)

Ключові слова:

kingdom a metropolis

In/on that metropolis there’s/are a avenue

avenue a yard

home a room

room a desk

desk a vase

vase flowers

(потім розповідають вірш ланцюжком по одному рядку)



My Flat

That is my home

And that is my flat.

I stay there with my Mom,

My brother and Dad.

Come into my flat, please

And also you all will see

The kitchen, the toilet,

The living-room, the bed room,

The kids’s room and the Toilet.

And right here within the nook

You’ll see our broom

It helps me and Mom

To wash each room.

S. Fedorak


My Yellow Home

1. I’ve acquired slightly yellow home

It’s acquired a yellow door,

And yellow home windows in every room

And a yellow ground.

2. So please stroll up the yellow steps

Into the yellow corridor

And take a look at all of the yellow photos

On the yellow wall.

3. Upstairs I’ve acquired a yellow bathtub

It’s lovely and new

Look! Yellow toothbrush, yellow cleaning soap,

And yellow toothpaste, too.

4. Come and see my yellow backyard

Odor the yellow flowers

Lie on the stunning yellow grass

And sleep for hours and hours.

5. Oh! Should you actually go now?

Oh pricey! That’s disgrace.

Nicely, come and go to me once more

My identify? Oh, Yellow is my identify.


1. The place, oh the place,

Is my teddy bear?

Is he within the front room?

Is he within the pink toilet?

2. The place, oh the place,

Is my teddy bear?

Within the kitchen, on the chair?

In my favorite blue armchair?

3. The place are you,

My little Ted?

Right here you might be

Underneath my mattress!



Meet me within the Morning

Meet me within the morning, Meet me in the summertime,

Meet me at midday, Meet me within the fall (autumn),

Meet me in September, Meet me within the night,

or the center of June. Meet me at eight,

Meet me at midnight, I’ll meet you any time You need,

Meet me within the corridor, however please don’t be late.

(учні читають вірш, змінюючи займенник “me” на “you”, “him”, “her”, “us”, “them”)



“Earlier than” – це “перед”

“After” – “після”

“From” – значить “з”

І склалась пісня.

В ній “throughout” означає “під час”

“До чогось” – “to”, якщо сім раз

Слова співать, йдучи до школи,

То не забудеш їх ніколи.



Reverse phrases

When the trainer says “Howdy”,

I say “goodbye”.

When the trainer says “chortle!”

I begin to cry.

When the trainer says “you might be silly!”

I say “I’m intelligent!”

When the trainer says “at all times!”

I say “by no means!”

When the trainer says “Stand!”

I at all times sit.

Regardless of the trainer says,

I do the alternative.


Say extra opposites:


I’m sizzling I’m yellow She is completely happy

I’m … (chilly) I’m … (inexperienced) He’s …(unhappy)

I’m small That is quick That is good

I’m … (tall) That is … (lengthy) That is…(dangerous).

I’m soiled That is proper

I’m …(clear) That is … (mistaken)


Across the Metropolis

Warming up:

Cease, look, hear earlier than you cross the road.

Use your eyes, use your ears after which use your toes.

(учитель просить учнів дібрати синонімічне дієслово до словосполучень:

use your eyes = look

use your ears = hear

use your toes = go.

Look, hear after which go!


Cease says the pink mild,

Go says the inexperienced.

Wait says the yellow one

Winking in between.

* * *

The yellow says “Wait!

The pink says “Cease!

The inexperienced says “Go!

Now accomplish that!



Town yawns

And rubs its eyes,

Like baking bread

Begins to rise

Frank Asch

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