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From Center English hālen, hailen, haulen, halien (to pull, pull; to attract up, increase; to exert a drawing or hauling power; to tug at, tear at; to hurry; to move, run; to achieve, stretch), from Outdated French haler (to haul, pull)[1], from Frankish *halōn (to pull, fetch, haul) or Center Dutch halen (to pull, fetch, haul), probably merging with Outdated English *halian (to haul, drag); all from Proto-Germanic *halōną, *halēną, *hulōną (to name, fetch, summon), from Proto-Indo-European *kelh₁- (to name, cry, summon). The phrase is cognate with Danish hale (to haul), Center Dutch halen (to attract, fetch, haul), Dutch halen (to fetch, carry, haul), Outdated Frisian halia, Saterland Frisian halen (to attract, haul, pull), Low German halen (to attract, pull), Outdated Excessive German halôn, holôn, German holen (to fetch, get), Norwegian hale (to haul), Outdated Saxon halôn (to fetch, get), Swedish hala (to hale, haul, pull, tug),[2] and associated to Outdated English ġeholian (to get, receive).

The noun is derived from the verb.[3]



haul (third-person singular easy current hauls, current participle hauling, easy previous and previous participle hauled)

  1. (transitive) To move by drawing or pulling, as with horses or oxen, or a motorcar.

    to haul logs to a sawmill

    • 1885, Ulysses S. Grant, “Ancestry—Start—Boyhood”, in Private Memoirs of U. S. Grant. In Two Volumes, quantity I, New York, N.Y.: Charles L. Webster & Firm, OCLC 928835262, web page 26:

      Once I was seven or eight years of age, I started hauling all of the wooden utilized in the home and outlets. I couldn’t load it on the wagons, in fact, on the time, however I may drive [the horses], and the choppers would load, and a few one on the home unload.

  2. (transitive) To attract or pull one thing heavy.
    • 1725, Homer; [Alexander Pope], transl., “Ebook XIII”, in The Odyssey of Homer. [], quantity III, London: Printed for Bernard Lintot, OCLC 8736646, traces 136–139, web page 194:

      Thither they bent, and haul’d their ſhip to land, / (The crooked keel divides the yellow ſand) / Ulyſſes ſleeping on his sofa they bore, / And gently plac’d him on the rocky ſhore.
    • 1810, John Denham, “The Destruction of Troy. An Essay on the Second Ebook of Virgil’s Æneis. Written within the 12 months 1636.”, in Alexander Chalmers; Samuel Johnson, editor, The Works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper; [] In Twenty-one Volumes, quantity VII (Cowley, Denham, Milton), London: Printed [by C[harles] Whittingham] for J[oseph] Johnson [et al.], OCLC 277665500, web page 240:

      A spacious breach we make, and Troy’s proud wall, / Constructed by the gods, by her personal arms doth fall; / Thus all their assist to their very own wreck give, / Some draw with cords and a few the monster drive / With rolls and levers: thus our works it climbs, / Massive with our destiny; the youth with songs and rhimes, / Some dance, some haul the rope; ultimately let down / It enters with a thundering noise the city, / Oh Troy, the seat of gods, in battle renown’d!

    • 1912, A. Rogers, “Yachting”, in The Encyclopædia of Sport & Video games: In 4 Volumes, quantity IV (Rackets–Zebra), The Sportsman version, London: [The Sportsman?], OCLC 186708828, web page 357, column 2:

      Passing by the doorway of the harbour, the admiral proceeds to manœuvre his flet, to the nice gratification of the host of spectators, [] [H]e hoists Dutch colors and fires two weapons. That is the sign for a normal chase after an imaginary enemy, a chase which continues until he hauls down his flag and fires one other gun.

  3. (transitive) To hold or transport one thing, with a connotation that the merchandise is heavy or in any other case tough to maneuver.
    • 1905 February 4, “Why Not Inform the Reality?”, in W. M. Camp, editor, The Railway and Engineering Overview, quantity XLV, quantity 5, Chicago, Unwell.: Railway Overview Inc. [], OCLC 1821156, web page 73, column 1:

      The California fruit commerce is all dealt with by the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe railroads. The final named highway operates its personal fridge automobiles and fixes its personal charges. It hauls absolutely half of the visitors and it’s due to this fact evident that the “Beef Belief” has no voice or energy within the matter. [] The identical situation exists with the melon grower of Colorado, besides that on this case the Santa Fe highway hauls practically the entire product.

  4. (transitive, figuratively) To tug, to tug, to tug.
  5. (transitive, figuratively) Adopted by up: to summon to be disciplined or held answerable for one thing.
    • 1908 August 6, William Herbert Herries, “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Invoice”, in New Zealand. Parliamentary Debates. Fourth Session, Sixteenth Parliament (Home of Representatives), quantity 144, Wellington: John Mackay, authorities printer, OCLC 191255532, web page 188, column 1:

      Effectively, it’s not possible to hold inventory by practice or steamer with out inflicting some ache or struggling, and to be hauled up earlier than a magistrate [] and not using a warrang as a result of any individual thinks you may have brought on pointless ache appears to me to be an outrageous continuing. [] [T]o enact a Draconian regulation that if anyone who doesn’t know something in regards to the topic thinks if you end up making an attempt to get a bullock right into a truck when he won’t go you’re appearing cruelly he can inform the police, and you’ll be arrested there after which and hauled up earlier than a magistrate.

  6. (intransitive) To tug aside, as oxen typically do when yoked.
  7. (transitive, intransitive, nautical) To steer (a vessel) nearer to the wind.
    Antonym: veer
    • 1745 October 7, Charles Fearne, “The Trial at Giant of Captain George Burrish, []”, in Minutes of the Proceedings of a Courtroom-Martial, Assembled on the 23d of September, 1745, [] to Enquire into the Conduct of Admiral Matthews [i.e., Thomas Mathews], Vice-Admiral [Richard] Lestock, and A number of Different Officers, in and Referring to the Late Engagement between His Majesty’s Fleet and the Mixed Fleets of France and Spain off Toulon, London: Revealed with His Majesty’s royal privilege and licence, printed 1746, OCLC 559831649, web page 240:

      When the Admiral hauls out of the Line, and stays ſo for ſome Accident, though the Sign for the Line is flying, and the Sign for Battle then out, ought not the opposite Ships to proceed within the Line, doing their Obligation, partaking the Enemy?

    • 1769 April 4, James Cook dinner, “[An Account of a Voyage around the World, in the Years MDCCLXVIII, MDCCLXIX, MDCCLXX, and MDCCLXXI. By Lieutenant James Cook, Commander of His Majesty’s Bark the Endeavour.] Chapter VII”, in John Hawkesworth, editor, An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Current Majesty for Making Discoveries within the Southern Hemisphere, [] In Three Volumes, quantity II, London: Printed for W[illiam] Strahan; and T[homas] Cadell [], printed 1773, OCLC 745146430, web page 72:

      On Tueſday the 4th of April, about ten o’clock within the morning, Mr. Banks’s ſervant, Peter Briſcoe, diſcovered land, bearing fourth, on the diſtance of about three or 4 leagues. I instantly hauled up for it, and located it to be an iſland of an oval type, with a lagoon within the center, which occupied a lot the bigger a part of it; []

    • 1780, J[ohn] Robertson; William Wales, “Part VII. Of Crusing to Windward.”, in The Parts of Navigation; Containing the Concept and Follow. [], quantity II, 4th version, London: Printed for J[ohn] Nourse, [], OCLC 16123798, guide VII (Of Aircraft Crusing), paragraph 43, web page 42:

      A veſſel ſailing as close to as ſhe can to the purpose from which the wind blows, is ſaid to be cloſe hauled.

  8. (intransitive, nautical) Of the wind: to shift fore (extra in the direction of the bow).
    Antonym: veer
  9. (intransitive, US, colloquial) To haul ass (go quick).

    “How briskly was he goin’?” / “I don’t know precisely, however he should’ve been haulin’, given the place he landed.”

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haul (plural hauls)

  1. An act of hauling or pulling, significantly with power; a (violent) pull or tug.
    • 1971, Sparse Gray Hackle [pseudonym], “Who’s Sparse Gray Hackle?”, in Fishless Days, Angling Nights, New York, N.Y.: Crown Publishers, OCLC 164936; republished as Fishless Days, Angling Nights: Traditional Tales, Reminiscences, and Lore, New York, N.Y.: Skyhorse Publishing, 2011, →ISBN, web page 22:

      So I rigged my massive salmon rod, and after I heard him splashing within the shallows throughout the pool, I put a number of Alka Seltzer tablets onto the hook and forged into the darkness. There was a splash and a haul on my line, and this time I struck with each arms after which started pulling and horsing as arduous as I may to carry this massive fish over to my facet.

    • 2004, Joan Druett, chapter 6, in A Watery Grave (Wiki Coffin Journey; 1), New York, N.Y.: St. Martin’s Minotaur, →ISBN; republished as A Watery Grave (Wiki Coffin Mysteries; 1), New York, N.Y.: St. Martin’s Press, 2013, →ISBN:

      Then one other collection of hollered orders, a heave on the wheel, and the brig did a circuit of the flagship’s bow, perilously near the lengthy bowsprit. A haul on the braces and again alongside the larboard facet of the Vincennes the Swallow ran, dropping pace however nonetheless sending foam seething alongside the hull of the sloop of battle.

  2. The space over which one thing is hauled or transported, particularly if lengthy.

    Attending to his place was an actual haul.

    I discover long-haul journey by airplane tiring.

    • 1921, Victor W[ilfred] Pagé, “Truck Working Value Dedication”, in The Fashionable Motor Truck: Design, Development, Operation, Restore, Business Functions […], New York, N.Y.: The Norman W. Henley Publishing Co. [], OCLC 1709111, web page 893:

      The situation, par excellence, in favor of motor truck operation is one involving lengthy hauls. In actual fact, it might be nearly stated that anybody having to make lengthy hauls in his enterprise ought to motorize without delay with out additional debate, because the case for vehicles is virtually settled by the mere assertion of this situation. [] Transportation involving quick hauls is the obverse of the perfect, and as a normal factor represents a situation unfavorable for the operation of motor vehicles.

    • 2007, Pat Hanlon, “Scheduling by Hubs”, in International Airways: Competitors in a Transnational Business, third version, Oxford, Oxfordshire; Burlington, Mass.: Butterworth-Heinemann, →ISBN, part 5.6 (Results on Passengers), web page 232:

      Many routes to/from hubs on which the anti-competitive results of market energy are prone to be most marked are comparatively quick hauls, whereas most of the by markets most certainly to learn from better competitors are comparatively lengthy hauls. If scheduling by hubs causes fares in by (lengthy haul) markets to fall and fares in native (quick haul) markets to rise, this may end up in the construction of fares by distance reflecting extra carefully the style by which common prices range by route size.

  3. An quantity of one thing that has been taken, particularly of fish, unlawful loot, or objects bought on a procuring journey.

    The robber’s haul was over thirty objects.

    The trawler landed a ten-ton haul.

    • 1876, “Commissioners of Fisheries. Burlington County.”, in Seventh Annual Report of the Commissioners of Fisheries of the State of New Jersey, for the 12 months 1876, Trenton, N.J.: John L. Murphy, State Gazette Printing Home, OCLC 175676180, web page 9:

      At Kidney’s Cove there was a seine of 100 and seventy-five fathoms in size and twenty-four ft in depth, operated by a crew of twelve males. The every day hauls have been ten, and was fished from April 13th or June sixth. Gross receipts, $1,600.

    • 1911 April 12, “Bought Away with $25,000 Price of Tires, It’s Stated”, in The Horseless Age: First Vehicle Journal within the English Language, quantity XXVII, quantity 15, New York, N.Y.: Horseless Age Co., OCLC 27673485, web page 647, column 2:

      One of many largest “hauls” ever made within the tire enterprise is alleged to have been engineered final week by H. R. Hare, a former cashier of the Hartford Rubber Works. Many of the bigger tire considerations doing enterprise in New York have been the victims, the entire quantity stolen being within the neighborhood of $25,000 price.

    • 2013, Martin Cruz Smith, Tatiana: An Arkady Renko Novel (Arkady Renko; 8), New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster, →ISBN; 1st commerce paperback version, New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, November 2014, →ISBN, web page 173:

      Moreover Maxim the one different particular person in sight was a beachcomber so wrapped in scarves he may have been a pilgrim from the Center Ages. He dragged a sledge with a haul of driftwood, bottles and cans.

  4. This time period wants a definition. Please assist out and add a definition, then take away the textual content {{rfdef}}.
    • 2020 September 13, Andrew Benson, “Tuscan Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton claims 90th win after unbelievable race”, in BBC Sport[3]:

      A welcome two-week break after 9 races in 11 weeks earlier than the Russian Grand Prix, the place Hamilton can equal a document some felt may by no means be damaged – Schumacher’s haul of 91 victories.

  5. (Web) Quick for haul video (video posted on the Web consisting of somebody exhibiting and speaking about just lately bought objects).
    • 2018 December 24, Rachel Siegel, “Vacation procuring within the age of Instagram”, in The Sydney Morning Herald[4], Sydney, N.S.W.: 9 Publishing, ISSN 0312-6315, OCLC 958159901:

      Then there are the YouTube hauls, the oddly viral movies of influencers exhibiting off what they bought for Christmas. In her 2017 haul that is been watched 1.7 million instances, Olivia Jade – a 19-year-old magnificence and trend tipster and the daughter of actress Lori Loughlin – sat on a luxurious white mattress in polar bear pyjamas and a Santa hat. One after the other, she confirmed off a bottle of Valentino fragrance (“candy combined with floral”), a cropped, purple fuzzy sweater from City Outfitters, bikinis, sneakers, denims, underwear, excessive heels, attire, tops and extra.
  6. (ropemaking) A bundle of many threads to be tarred.
    • 1842, B. S., “Rope-making”, in Macvey Napier, editor, The Encyclopædia Britannica, Or Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Normal Literature, quantity XIX, problem 2, seventh version, Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, OCLC 9011603, web page 461, column 2:

      When the collected yarns quantity about 400, they’re coiled up in a haul, and are prepared both for tarring, or laying into white ropes. Earlier to the haul being taken up for tarring, there’s a slight flip put into it to maintain it from getting entangled within the tar-kettle. [] 400 of such threads constituted a haul, and weighed 12 cwt. 2 qrs, and when tarred 15 cwt.


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  1. second-person singular crucial of haulen

Center English[edit]



  1. Different type of hayle (hail)


From Center Welsh heul, from Proto-Celtic *sāwol (examine Cornish howl, Breton heol; examine additionally Outdated Irish súil (eye)), from Proto-Indo-European *sóh₂wl̥.



haul m (plural heuliau, not mutable)

  1. solar

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  1. corridor


  • J. Poole W. Barnes, A Glossary, with Some Items of Verse, of the Outdated Dialect of the English Colony within the Baronies of Forth and Bargy (1867)

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