Hollywood and superheroes – in easy English

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Hollywood and superheroes - in easy English

An  simple interactive
intermediate English useful resource.

is Hollywood fascinated by Superheroes ? 

Interactive English :
Twenty-one phrases have been omitted from this text. Change them by
checking the precise possibility in every of the twenty-one drop-down textual content bins.
In every case, there is just one right resolution  !

have been a lot of films
about superheroes!  Fabulous heroes like Superman, or Batman, or
Spiderman, have been widespread  for the reason that first half of the
twentieth  century, saving individuals and saving the world.   If solely they have been actual ! As Coronavirus
strikes the entire world, we may do with just a few
superheroes to assist us get by.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck
was Batman within the 2017 movie Justice League

Superman and

and Batman
are simply two superheroes out of many. We may
additionally embody Spiderman,
Marvel Girl, Robin Hood, James Bond, Zorro, Indiana Jones

and much more. They’re all roughly the identical particular person, in numerous
varieties. Some are prior to now, others within the current, others within the
   However why does Hollywood

superheroes? Is
it a query of cash? In fact; nevertheless it’s not solely cash.
    Individuals have all the time

Lengthy earlier than

the primary Hollywood film, individuals cherished tales about superheroes.
Robin Hood has

widespread hero for over 600 years … and there
have been
others earlier than him.
    The primary superheroes have been actual
individuals. However,
the tales about

have been usually

A few of the first European
superheroes have been Charlemagne
and Roland (Orlando). Mediaeval
writers and singers invented thrilling tales about these actual males,
simply as Hollywood

tales about tomorrow’s superheroes.
   A thousand years

, individuals typically sat spherical
in darkish rooms within the night, 

to the adventures of courageous
heroes. At the moment, we sit in a darkish room within the night,

adventures of the courageous Batman. The medium
is completely different, the know-how

modified …. however the individuals are actually
the identical.

Superman – maybe the best-known of all superheroes

    Hollywood would not truly

new superheroes. Superman, Choose Dredd, Batman and the

“existed” earlier than Hollywood found them. These three
all come from

    The primary Batman story got here out in 1939!
So Batman has now been defending the individuals of Gotham Metropolis for

years! There have been a number of Batman films, with completely different stars

Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale. How lengthy can
it final?

   Superman is even

: he dates

about 1932 (the precise 12 months is just not

). Even Choose Dredd is a
acquainted determine; he first

in England in 1977.

    Hollywood’s largest superheroes reside in
the longer term. That’s not

shocking. Hollywood has fallen in love
with particular results, and the longer term

nice spectacular particular
results. In addition to,
individuals at this time are frightened in regards to the future. Issues don’t
good; maybe we’ll want characters like Batman and Choose Dredd in
100 years’ time. Maybe we even want them at this time!


film: movie – do with:
use, get some assist from – lengthy earlier than: a
very long time
earlier than – however: however, but –
Magnus, Charles the Nice – mediaeval: from the
Center Ages – medium: technique of communication
in truth – final: proceed
– dates from:
first appeared in – apart from: additionally
– look:
appear, seem

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Think about
you’ve got been speaking to Ben Affleck (who performs Batman in Justice League). How
did Ben reply your questions?.

Is Batman Hollywood’s first celebrity?
YOU:    Who’s Batman ?
YOU:    Why do individuals love superheroes ?
YOU:    Did superheroes exist earlier than
Hollywood ?
YOU:    Are you Hollywood’s first Batman?
YOU:    Are superheroes all the time imaginary
YOU:    Do you assume we’ll see extra
superheroes sooner or later?


For lecturers

the interactive textual content.

This train is designed to be achieved by your college students straight on their
laptop display or cell phone. College students ought to choose the right
reply in every of the twenty drop-down bins, with a view to full the
article. There is just one right resolution in every case. In most
circumstances, the selection is a query of easy grammar; in some it’s a
matter of logic or important vocabulary. Only one set of choices might
result in confusion, no 19 the place there’s a selection betwen actual and
actually. The grammatically right selection is in fact actually, even when
actual is often utilized in spoken English, specifically within the USA.
   When you shouldn’t have entry to computer systems, and wish
to make use of a printed copy of this text, you’ll both depart the bins
empty, and get your college students to finish them by logical pondering, or
from an inventory of the choices that you’ll have copied out; alternatively
you’ll need to do the web train your self, then copy it or print
it out with the lacking phrases that you’ve got chosen.

College students can save their work  by filling within the phrases then printing it or saving it in order that
you, the trainer, can obtain a replica of their work.  As for
marking… There are 21 selections to be made…. Simply mark your college students’
work as if there have been solely 20, with one mark off for every mistake, or
one mark for every right reply, as you like!

Take note of the place of adverbs on this article. There’s a
number of adverbs of frequency, in addition to different adverbs of time and

Textual content contraction:
Ask pupils to attempt to scale back paragraphs three to eight to a couple of half of their
present size, whereas sustaining as a lot of the important data
as attainable.

What makes a superhero?

Free expression:
Ask pupils to explain their superhero, and clarify why he (she) is so
extremely thought of.

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