How to Clean a Suitcase: 7 Tips to Sanitize Your Luggage

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How to Clean a Suitcase: 7 Tips to Sanitize Your Luggage


Your baggage carries every little thing you want wherever you journey. However until you know the way to wash a suitcase correctly, beware! That favourite suitcase could now be packing alongside viruses and bugs, too. And the very last thing you need is uninvited company hitching a experience in your baggage and into your own home.

Figuring out tips on how to correctly clear and sanitize baggage earlier than you retailer it’s going to assist guarantee you aren’t welcoming interlopers into your own home that would trigger hassle for you down the street.


Step 1: Do not deliver your soiled baggage into your own home.

Your carry-on and checked baggage has most likely been touched by quite a few fingers and been in touch with an untold variety of doubtlessly soiled and contaminated surfaces in your journey. Because of this, each time I return from a visit, I place my suitcase and carry-on “in quarantine” within the storage till I’ve unpacked it and cleaned all baggage surfaces correctly. If you do not have a storage, then a porch or storage space will suffice.


Step 2: Earlier than you clear your suitcase, unpack and clear your garments.

Unpack within the storage and put garments straight into the washer. That is very simple if you’re utilizing packing cubes to arrange your garments. Place your garments straight within the washer (not on the ground with the thought that you’re going to wash them later). Wash them on a full cycle and in heat water. You need your garments to be virus- and bug-free when they’re performed.

In case your packing cubes look or really feel soiled, otherwise you suspect you could have encountered mattress bugs, you possibly can place them straight right into a sink with heat water and a non-detergent cleaning soap (powdered cleaning soap is usually non-detergent) and provides them every an excellent wash and rinse. Hold them to dry. If you happen to aren’t going to wash them, then put your packing cubes again into quarantine (24 hours no less than) within the storage along with your suitcase.


Step 3: Sanitize baggage high-touch surfaces.

Sanitizing is totally different than cleansing. Use disinfecting wipes that include no less than 60 % alcohol to wash the deal with, any hand grips on the aspect, and the wheels of your checked and carry-on baggage. Primarily, deal with any high-touch areas the place nasty germs could congregate. Ensure the surfaces keep moist for no less than 30 seconds and ideally a minute or extra in order that viruses and micro organism shall be killed.


Step 4: Clear the surface of your suitcase.

Clear the surface of your baggage with non-detergent cleaning soap and heat water. Use a rag to softly scrub the surface surfaces of your carry-on and checked bag. Do NOT use any bleach, spot removers, or cleansing solvents as this may occasionally harm your baggage.


Step 5: Clear the within of your baggage

Use a vacuum cleaner with an edge nozzle to take away mud, filth, and different bits of particles. Be sure you work rigorously into the corners and crevices of your baggage. Hold a pointy eye out for indicators of mattress bugs. And since you may be sucking up mattress bug eggs and bugs themselves, keep in mind to additionally toss out the vacuum bag (in an outdoor trash can) after getting cleaned your suitcases.


Step 6: Dry your suitcases totally.

That is the place sunshine is your pal. Depart your baggage to dry—if attainable in a sizzling solar for a number of hours. The solar will serve two functions. One, it’s going to dry your suitcases totally. However, extra importantly, the warmth will doubtlessly kill any residual viruses and micro organism and also will assist to doubtlessly eradicate the odd mattress bug or two. In fact, if it’s raining or there is no such thing as a sunshine, drying your bag will take longer. Do not attempt to velocity up the method with a hairdryer or room heater as you may harm your bag.


Step 7: Bag it and retailer it away out of your bed room.

As soon as your baggage is sanitized, clear, and dry, retailer it in a clear, cool, and dry place. Don’t retailer your baggage in your bed room until you will have completely no selection because of area limitations. If you happen to should retailer baggage in your bed room, bag it and seal the bag whereas it’s nonetheless within the storage or in your porch to forestall any probability of a wayward bug (mattress bug, cockroach, or different multi-legged creature) wandering out for a go to.


Now your clear and sanitized baggage shall be prepared and ready for your subsequent journey journey .


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