How to Make a Macrame Bag

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How to Make a Macrame Bag
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A macrame bag is made by weaving and tying knots of macrame wire and including your personal artistic touches. You’ll be able to select many colours to make a vibrant bag or select completely different shades of 1 shade. Add in any beads or sequins to make a extremely distinctive accent. To be taught the assorted knots required for initiatives resembling this, go to the web sites Study Macrame and Creativity Portal (see Assets).

Resolve on a sample resembling a buying bag and purchase the supplies wanted for the challenge. Begin making the handles for the buying bag; minimize two cords 180 inches (5 yards) for every. Now minimize six cords, every 144 inches (Four yards) and lay them in your work floor: one 5-yard wire, six 4-yard cords and one 5-yard wire lay vertically.

Tie a braid of 10 sq. knots, working with the longest strands and 4 strands as fillers. Quantity the strands transferring left to proper beginning with the lengthy cords 1 and eight. Tie 4 sq. knots with cords 1 via Four after which six sq. knots with cords 5 via 8.

Flip the work round and tie 10 sq. knots as you probably did at first of Step 2. Now quantity the strands once more; 1 and eight are the longest cords. Tie six sq. knots with cords 1 via Four and Four sq. knots with cords 5 via 8. Repeat Steps 1 and a pair of to make the second deal with for the buying bag. Connect your handles to the challenge board so that they curve, place the dowel on high of the cords and safe every wire to the dowel utilizing larks head knots.

Add any beads or elaborations to the strings in between the knots. You are able to do this as you go, randomly inserting them on completely different cords and tying knots to carry them on. You can too create a beaded sample inside your bag by inserting beads strategically on coordinating cords all through your bag.

Take 12 cords, reducing every to a size of 128 inches or 3.5 yards. Safe two of the cords to the suitable finish of the dowel utilizing larks head knots. Repeat this for a similar place on the finish of the identical dowel. Repeat this step for the opposite half of the buying bag.

Take the primary row of alternating sq. knots and transfer from left to proper, tying six sq. knots. Now reverse the course and make six mirror sq. knots to finish the row. Alternate the cords as you proceed making sq. knots, ignoring the 2 strands which can be on the far left and proper. This time tie six sq. knots and 5 mirror sq. knots.

Alternate the cords and, ignoring the 2 strands on the furthest ends of the suitable and left, create 5 sq. knots and 5 mirror knots. Repeat Steps Four to six for the opposite half of the physique of the buying bag.

Reduce eight cords to start the edges of the bag. Every must be 128 inches, once more 3.5 yards. Take two cords and fold in half, securing them to your board. Tie a sq. knot near the fold and tighten it by pulling on the ends. Repeat this course of with the remaining strands (it is best to have six). If you find yourself performed you’ll have 4 units of cords.

Take two of the knots and place subsequent to the strand furthest to the left edge and safe to your board. Repeat for the suitable aspect. Quantity your cords 1 via 64 and work this sample.

Work a sq. knot with cords Three via 6, with cords 7 via 10, work a mirror sq. knot, and with cords 55 via 58 and 59 via 62 work a sq. knot.

Start a mirror sq. knot with cords 53 via 56, cords 57 via 60 make a sq. knot, cords 5 via Eight and 9 via 12 make a sq. knot. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the opposite half of the buying bag.

Maintain each halves collectively, placing the insides dealing with one another. Work the next knots, one sq. knot with cords 1 and a pair of and 63 and 64. Alternate cords 61 via 64 and cords 1 via Four and tie sq. knots. Flip the bag round and repeat this step, which will likely be becoming a member of each halves.

Take the alternating sq. knots to design the decrease physique with cords Three via 6 making sq. knots, cords 7 via 10 making mirror sq. knots, cords 11 via 62 tie sq. knot with teams of 4 strands, and 63, 64, 1, 2 make sq. knots. Repeat for the opposite aspect of the bag.

Take cords 1 via 52 and tie the following row with alternating sq. knots. With cords 53 via 56 tie a mirror sq. knot and cords 57 via 60 and 61 via 64 make a sq. knot. Repeat this course of for the alternative finish. To finish the physique repeat Steps 12 and 13. To finish the rest of the bag alternate between every step. Proceed till you attain roughly 10 inches of remaining wire.

Flip the buying bag inside out to begin closing the underside. Start on a nook. Choose up two strands which can be closest to the nook and make a sq. knot with no fillers. Take the following two strands from each halves and tie a sq. knot with the 4 cords. Hold one working wire from one half of the purse and the opposite wire from the second half of the purse.

Repeat Step 14 twice as much as the fillers after which Step 14 once more via the following two strands for the three corners remaining. Take the remaining strands and make sq. knots alongside the underside, once more taking two cords from the entrance and two cords from the again. Trim the ends to 1 inch. To safe the knots, take cloth glue and place a bit on the underside of the knot. Let dry.

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