List of military clothing camouflage patterns

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List of military clothing camouflage patterns
Title Household Picture Issued Customers Australian Multicam Disruptive Sample Camouflage CSA hosts office call iho Australian Chief of Army (35019039060) (cropped).jpg 2014 Australia[2] Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) Digital tigerstripe ABU camouflage.jpg 2008 Utilized by america Air Pressure and its civilian auxiliary the Civil Air Patrol.[3][4][5] AOR-1 (NWU Sort II) Digital Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type III camouflage pattern swatch, AOR-1.png 2010 United States Navy, sure specialised models solely.[6][7] AOR-2 (NWU Sort III) Digital NWU Type III camouflage pattern swatch, AOR 2.jpg 2010 United States Navy, specialised models earlier than 2016, fleet-wide after 2016.[8] A-TACS Woodland A-TACS FG.jpg 2010 Utilized by Peruvian marines[9] and the Haitian Nationwide Police.[10] Unlicensed copies are utilized by the Russian Federation underneath the title of “Ataka”.[11][12] Bundeswehr Tropentarn (3-Farb-Tarndruck) Flecktarn Tropentarn.png 1993 German Bundeswehr:[13] tropical battle costume uniform for desert and semi-arid areas (military and air drive) was additionally in use within the Danish military till they modified to M/01 Canadian Disruptive Sample (CADPAT) Digital Temperate CADPAT camouflage pattern swatch.png 2002 Canada. Temperate variant proven.[14] Camouflage Europe Centrale Woodland French Centre Europe camo.jpg 1991 France, India Desert Camouflage Sample (three-color) Woodland Three-color Desert Camouflage Pattern.jpg 1991 Thailand (VDC), Egypt, United States[15] Desert Camouflage Sample (six-color) Woodland Six-Color Desert Pattern.jpg 1980s United States (previously).[16] United Arab Emirates (previously).[17] Utilized by many different armies in lots of color and sample variations, together with Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Kuwait, Niger, Paraguay, Peru, China, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Korea (previously), Spain (solely in arid theaters) (previously), Yemen.[18] Desert Evening Camouflage ? Desert night camouflage.JPG 1991 c. United States (previously)[19] Disruptive Sample Camouflage Frog Pores and skin DPCU closeup, 2005.jpg 1986–2017 Australian Defence Pressure Disruptive Sample Materials DPM DPM Combat 95 Camouflage Material MOD 45149982.jpg 1968 United Kingdom, DPM-95 proven. It changed comparable 1960 sample DPM, launched in 1968.[20] Changed by Multi-Terrain Sample. Indonesia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway (particular forces) (previously), Philippines, Russia, Yemen. EMR Digital ISSE2014-48 (cropped).jpg 2011 Russia[21] Erbsenmuster Flecktarn Waffen-SS Camouflage (cropped).jpg 1944 Germany[22] ERDL (M1948) Woodland
1967–1988 Singapore Armed Forces,[23]Turkish Armed Forces late 1980s–1990s,[24] was utilized by the USMC till the early 1980s and the U.S. Air Pressure till the late 1980s. Flächentarnmuster, additionally known as Kartoffelmuster (potato), or Blumentarn (flower) Flecktarn Flächentarn.jpg 1956–1967 East German Nationwide Individuals’s Military[25] Flecktarn Flecktarn Flecktarn.jpg 1990 Germany,[26] and at the least 16 variants in several international locations.
Albania;[27] Belgium;[28] China till 2007;[29] Denmark 3-color variant;[30] France;[31] India;[32] Japan;[33] Kyrgyzstan;[34] Poland;[35] Russia;[11] Greece, Ukraine. Frog Pores and skin/Spot Frog Pores and skin Frog Skin camouflage pattern.jpg 1942 United States. Reversible: 5-color jungle one facet, 3-color seashore the opposite.[36] Additionally typically known as “Duckhunter.” Utilized by the US, (primarily the USMC) in World Battle II. Remained in use by the USMC into the 1960s. Additionally utilized by Turkey till 1980s in several colorways.[24] Hungarian camouflage sample 2015M Woodland HunCam-2015.jpg 2015 Utilized by the Hungarian Defence Pressure launched in 2015.[37] HyperStealth Spec4ce Afghan Forest Woodland HyperStealth Spec4ce Afghan Forest (6017666460) (cropped).jpg 2009 Utilized by the Afghan Nationwide Military since 2010.[38] Jigsaw Puzzle Belgian JTACs control A-10s over Grafenwoehr during Combined Resolve II (14050767117) (cropped).jpg 1956 Belgium[39] Leibermuster ? Leibermuster-1945.jpg 1945 Germany[40] Lizard Lizard French lizard pattern camo.jpg 1947 France[41]
Many variants, each with horizontal stripes (Chad, Gabon, Rwanda, Sudan, Cuba, Congo, Greece) and with vertical stripes (Portugal 1963, then Egypt, Greece, India, Lebanese Palestinians, and Syria).
Outdoors France, Tunisia has in all probability fielded extra sorts of the lizard sample than every other nation.[42] Vietnam period Tigerstripe is a variant of Lizard.[41] M05 Digital M05 woodland pattern.jpg 2007 c. Finland[43] M84 Flecktarn M84camo.jpeg 1984 Denmark; 9 coloration variants.[44] Estonia:[45] France;[30][46][47] Latvia;[45] Lithuania;[45] Russia;[30] Sweden;[48] Turkey[49] M90 Splinter Sweden M90 pattern.svg 1989[50] Sweden;[51] Latvia;[52][better source needed] Marina Trans Jungle (US4CES) Digital — 2015 Mexican Naval Infantry[53] Marine Sample (MARPAT) Digital Desert MARPAT camouflage pattern swatch.jpg 2002 United States Marine Corps (arid variant proven),[54][55] some U.S. Navy sailors assigned to USMC models, and U.S. Marine Corps JROTC cadets. The temperate variant was utilized by the Georgian Military within the late 2000s, however has since been changed by a home variant of MultiCam.[56][circular reference] MultiCam Woodland MultiCam.svg 2002 U.S. Armed Forces,[57] Angola,[58] Brazil,[59] Australia,[60][61] Austria,[62] Denmark,[30][44] Montenegro,[63] New Zealand,[64] Panama,[65] South Korea,[66] Thailand,[67] Bolivia, Tunisia,[68]Turkish Navy[24]Azerbaijani Armed Forces, the Canadian Particular Operations Forces Command, Georgian Armed Forces,[69][circular reference] and the Haitian Nationwide Police.[70] Also referred to as Scorpion. Multitarn Flecktarn — 2016 Bundeswehr[71] Multi-Terrain Sample Disruptive Sample Materials British Armed Forces Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage.jpg 2010 British Armed Forces[72] NWU Sort I Digital NWU Type I camouflage pattern swatch.jpg 2008–2019 United States Navy,[73]New York State Naval Militia,[74] and U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.[75] As a consequence of be retired by the U.S. Navy in 2019. Operational Camouflage Sample (OCP) Woodland Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), Scorpion W2 swatch.jpg 2015–current United States, changing Common Camouflage Sample by 2019.[76] An enlarged, barely modified model of MultiCam. Also referred to as Scorpion W2. Platanenmuster Flecktarn SS Platanenmuster Sommer.jpg 1937 Germany: summer time (proven) and autumn variants.[22] Rain sample Rain Rain pattern.jpg 1960 c. Warsaw Pact international locations: Poland (“deszczyk”), Czechoslovakia (“jehličí”), East Germany (“Strichtarn”), and Bulgaria[77][78]

subsequent use: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan

Rhodesian Brushstroke Brushstroke Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern.jpg 1965–1980 Rhodesia[79]/Zimbabwe Soldier 2000 Woodland Southafrica1.jpg 1994 South Africa[80] Splittermuster Splinter Buntfarbenmuster 31 (Splittertarn) (cropped).jpg 1931 Germany 1931–1945 (Wehrmacht, SS, Reichswehr)[81] Tactical Assault Camouflage (TACAM) Woodland TACAMCAMO.PNG 2004 U.S. Nationwide Counterterrorism Heart[82][83] TAZ 83 Woodland Swiss TAZ-83 camouflage 1983 Switzerland[84] TAZ 90 Woodland TAZ 90 Camo pattern.jpg 1990s Switzerland[85] Telo mimetico Woodland
precursor Wartime Italian M1929.jpg 1929 Italy, for shelter-halves, then uniforms. Oldest mass-produced camouflage sample.[86] Tigerstripe Tigerstripe Jungle Combat Vietnam.jpg 1969 c. South Vietnam, US particular forces in Vietnam. Primarily based on Lizard. Many variants. Additionally utilized by Australia, New Zealand in Vietnam.[87][88] Turkish sample semi-Digital Turkish Pattern.jpg 2008 c. Turkish Armed Forces[89] 5 variants[24]Azerbaijani Armed Forces Sort 99 (China) Woodland Pla camo.svg 1999 China[90] Sort 07 (China) Digital China 07 Oceanic Camouflage.png 2007 China. Ocean variant proven.[90] Common Camouflage Sample Digital UCP pattern.jpg 2005–2014/19 United States Military,[91] some U.S. Navy sailors assigned to military models,[92] the Texas State Guard,[93] Chadian Military,[94] and the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Additionally utilized by the Iranian navy in restricted contexts. U.S. Woodland (“M81”) Woodland 1981 Derived from ERDL.[95] Utilized by america Navy SEALs, U.S. Navy SWCC, USMC MARSOC,[96] Luxembourg,[97] Argentine marines,[98]Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Bangladesh Military,[99] the Dutch Marine Corps,[100]Peruvian marines,[101] and the Nigerian Navy.[102] Was utilized by the Afghan Nationwide Military and the Mexican Naval Infantry[103] within the 2000s. Additionally utilized by the Moldovan Particular Forces,[104][105] Malaysian navy,[106]Malawian Military, Tunisian Military’s Particular Forces Group[107] and Turkey till mid-2000s in Three colorways.[24] VSR-93 Flora Woodland ВСР-93.jpg 1993 Russia[108] wz. 68 Moro ? Nadruk MORA WP WLąd.jpg 1969–1989 Poland; 6 variant colorways.[109][110][111] wz. 89 Puma ? Kamuflaż wz. 89 1989–1993 Poland[112] wz. 93 Pantera Woodland WZ.93 Pantera.jpg 1993 Poland[113] Okay17 Woodland �Modified duck hunter patter �2018 Vietnam[114][115]

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