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Mineshaft – Official Minecraft Wiki

Mineshaft.pngBadlands mineshaft.png
Common mineshaft
Any Overworld biome aside from Badlands
Badlands mineshaft
Consists of
Can generate in
current chunks


Mineshafts are massive, underground generated buildings present in all Overworld biomes. As their identify suggests, they’re maze-like complexes of tunnels which can have beneficial ores uncovered on the partitions and flooring.


Mineshafts generate naturally within the Overworld; they’re normally discovered underground however can sometimes be discovered within the ocean. They’re generated earlier than chunk options resembling ores. A number of mineshafts can generate close to one another and intersect, producing bigger complexes. On a facet word, mineshafts can intersect with different cave programs, and corridors generate a flooring of picket planks in the event that they cross over empty area.

Mineshafts usually generate on the floor in badlands biomes. Badlands mineshafts are composed of darkish oak planks and fences, and generated railways are extra full above floor. Since badlands biomes generate gold ore much more usually and at larger altitudes than different biomes, heading to mineshafts there may be smart if one intends to collect a profitable gold haul for piglin bartering within the Nether.


A minecart with chest in a mineshaft.

The central grime room of the mineshaft.

Mineshafts include the next options:

  • Start line – a big room with a flat grime flooring, an arched ceiling and as much as 4-5 exits, normally one in every path. Every mineshaft generates one place to begin.
  • Corridors – 3×Three tunnels/passageways and junctions supported by picket reinforcements constructed with planks and fences; underground, these are constructed with oak wooden, however in badlands biomes they’re product of darkish oak wooden as an alternative. On lengthy corridors, these helps are positioned 4 blocks away from one another, and a few have lacking planks which can be stuffed up with cobwebs or blocks of stone jutting out from the highest. The passageways are linked by incomplete rail programs on the bottom, on which minecarts with chests could generate.
  • Crossings – dual-floor, 5×5 intersections supported by picket beams.
  • Staircases – diagonal tunnel sections (word that stair blocks usually are not used).
  • Spawner areas – sure corridors which are filled with cobweb lots concealing cave spider spawners.

In Java Version every mineshaft chest comprises objects drawn from Three swimming pools, with the next distribution:

In Bedrock Version every mineshaft chest comprises objects drawn from Three swimming pools, with the next distribution:

  1. ab The dimensions of stacks (or for unstackable objects, quantity) of this merchandise on any given roll.
  2. ab The load of this merchandise relative to different objects within the pool.
  3. ab The chances of discovering any of this merchandise in a single chest.
  4. ab The variety of objects anticipated per chest, averaged over a lot of chests.
  5. ab The common variety of chests the participant ought to anticipate to look to seek out any of this merchandise.
  6. ab All enchantments are equally possible, together with treasure enchantments (besides Soul Pace), and any stage of the enchantment is equally possible.
  7. ab ‘Nothing’ doesn’t consult with the prospect of an empty chest. As an alternative, it refers back to the probability that the random loot generator doesn’t add any loot on a single roll.

Historical past[edit]

Java Version Beta
1.8 Pre-release Added mineshafts.
Pre-release 2 😉 Mineshafts are lots much less dense and don’t stretch out so far as earlier than.[1]
To counter this alteration they have been made 212 occasions as widespread all through the world.[2]
1.8.1 Help beams in mineshafts are transformed from oak planks to oak fences.
Java Version
1.2.1 12w05a Added picket bridges beneath floating sections of mineshafts.
1.4.6 12w50a Added enchanted books to mineshaft chests.
1.5 13w02a Modified mineshaft chests to minecarts with chests on rails.
1.7.2 13w36a Mineshafts seem as usually as sooner or later launch of Java Version 1.8-pre1 once more,[3] however with none enhance in density or dimension, which makes them 60% much less widespread than earlier than.
1.9 15w44a Added torches, beetroot seeds, enchanted & regular golden apples, and activator, detector, and powered rails to minecart chests.
Eliminated saddles and iron horse armor from minecart chests.
Decreased the common yields of iron & gold ingots, melon & pumpkin seeds, diamonds, lapis lazuli, redstone, and bread.
Elevated the common yield of iron pickaxes, and considerably elevated the common yield of rails and enchanted books.
1.10 16w20a Mineshafts can now generate on the floor in mesa biomes, utilizing darkish oak planks and fences reasonably than oak.
If instantly uncovered to the sky throughout era, no picket components spawn at that precise location.
Not generate floating within the air when utilizing a low floor stage in a superflat world.
Pocket Version Alpha
v0.9.0 construct 1 Added mineshafts.
Cave spider spawners are changed with common spiders till potion results are added.
v0.10.0 September 9, 2014 Tommaso Checchi tweeted an image of mineshafts generated at floor stage inside a mesa, in a mesa biome.
construct 1 Mineshafts can now generate on the floor in mesa biomes.
Above-ground mineshafts now use darkish oak planks and fences reasonably than oak.
v0.11.0 construct 12 Mineshafts now generate with cave spider spawners.
v0.14.0 construct 1 Mineshafts now generate minecarts with chests.
v0.15.0 construct 1 Title tags now could be discovered inside chest minecarts.
Bedrock Version
1.2.0 ? Mineshafts are actually extra widespread.
1.11.0 beta Mineshafts not generate in large clusters.
Legacy Console Version
TU5 CU1 1.0 Patch 1 1.0.1 Added mineshafts.
TU12 Added picket bridges beneath floating sections of mineshafts.
TU43 CU33 1.36 Patch 13 Mineshafts can now generate on the floor in mesa biomes, utilizing darkish oak planks and fences reasonably than oak.
New Nintendo 3DS Version
0.1.0 Added mineshafts.

Points regarding “Mineshaft” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report points there.

  • When generated, mineshafts reduce by means of the highest bedrock layer(s), in the event that they occur to generate on the bedrock layers.
  • Mineshafts can generate on high of different mineshafts. In the event you see two completely different ones intersecting one another anomalously, they’re two completely different shafts, even when they by some means meet up completely elsewhere.
  • Mushrooms could be discovered on the backside of mineshafts.
  • Regardless of it being thought of a technical fault and odd era, it is not uncommon for mineshafts to intersect ravines.
  • The grime room of a mineshaft by no means generates in the identical chunk as (0, 0) in any Minecraft world.‌[Java Edition only]


  • In LEGO Minecraft Micro World – “The Village”, a mineshaft is beneath a village.[4]


Badlands mineshafts[edit]

Odd era[edit]


Generated buildings and terrain options

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