[OC] Second Contact A Cultural Exchange (Part 11) : HFY

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[OC] Second Contact A Cultural Exchange (Part 11) : HFY

Workplace of the Director of International Affairs, Olympus Mons, Mars, July 7 2503

Director of International Affairs, Neil Alderman, sat at his desk studying by way of the most recent state of affairs report coming in from The Discussion board. The Exties had been pissed and scared. Whereas his first intuition when introduced with this truth was to smile, pissing off and scaring Exties wasn’t his division’s duty. His job in spite of everything was to fix fences and construct bridges, not less than figuratively. Admittedly not his space of experience, having began his army profession in command a subject demolition unit within the Directorate Military, doing the precise literal reverse. He set down the papers detailing the most recent Chys response to the New Roanoke incident. A number of Extie information companies had been calling it the “New Roanoke Bloodbath”, human information sources may not have precisely helped issues with headlines like “Fondued Chys” and “Grilled Swiss”. Photos had flooded each information outlet within the days after the assault. Photos of the drifting remnants of the annihilated Chys battleship, of the captured Chys sailors and marines being marched into short-term POW camps at gunpoint, and photos of the army inspectors from a number of of the Chys’s rival species being given full entry to the captured surviving Chys Battleship. Humanity had made an impression. However for each species, most of these rival to the Chys, with whom the Directorate had scored factors, there have been two that had gained solely suspicion, and concern. He set down the state of affairs report and took out the letter he’d acquired from his niece the day before today. Having no youngsters of his personal, he doted on his niece. Claudia was 9, and in her letter talked about her elementary college subject journey to First Touchdown Directorate Park at Schiaparelli Crater, how excited she was for the household trip to Areswood Studios this summer season, and requested him if he would take her to see a hockey sport the subsequent time he came visiting. The letter additionally included an lovely listing of imply names she thought he may use with the varied Exties she thought he acquired to fulfill. Not one of the names had been suitably unkind to make use of towards the mountain of paperwork he really acquired to cope with every day, however they had been lovely and inventive in the best way solely a 9 12 months previous could possibly be.

“Davis” He referred to as to his secretary, “Get in right here, I’ve an concept”

As his secretary scrambled into the workplace, he smiled to himself, he even knew how he would phrase it to the Director Common. “Cultural Change” It was going to play very effectively on the information, very effectively certainly.

Ares Interplanetary Spaceport Touchdown Pad 1, Olympus Mons, Mars, August ninth 2503, 1153hrs

Captain Neema R’Narr stepped off the platform, she was uncomfortable. “This can by no means work” she whispered to Jack.

“Nonsense, simply preserve the baseball cap on, and also you’ll do tremendous” he whispered again.

“This disguise is ridiculous. Nobody will fall for it”

“Everybody will. Persons are horrible at seeing what they aren’t in search of. Now transfer alongside, we don’t wish to block the platform.”

The 2 of them moved rapidly away from the shuttle and into the spaceport. Neema glanced round. No person was gazing her. She reached the door, and instantly bumped it’s deal with along with her forged as an alternative of managing to open it.

“Frell” she muttered.

with out lacking a beat Jack opened the door and held it for her.

“Don’t fear, any per-human with a current forged on their arm would seemingly have simply made the identical mistake” Jack whispered.

As soon as inside Neema glanced round once more, a mirror subsequent to the seen safety digital camera on the ceiling confirmed Jack standing subsequent to somebody fully unfamiliar. A younger, crimson haired, “human”, with it’s proper arm in a sling, darkish sun shades, and left hand stuffed in its jacket pocket.

“I look ridiculous, anybody who sees me may inform this isn’t my pure dermal tone”

“All they are going to see is that you’re sporting make-up. All they are going to suppose is that you simply put an excessive amount of on, in the event that they give it some thought in any respect. Now come on, we have to get our baggage.”

They began down the terminal She noticed distributors promoting all the things from periodicals and snacks to clothes and souvenirs. The place was crowded nearly in every single place, however no the place was it extra crowded than in entrance of the desk beneath a big signal studying “HELP AND INFORMATION” the place a big line was fashioned. She thought the signal odd provided that solely one of many 4 digital terminals on the desk was manned, regardless of the scale of the road. From the shouts and gestures of the human on the entrance of the road, she doubted he, or presumably she, discovered this desk notably useful. They walked previous a sequence of lengthy strains of people the place vacationers had been engaged in varied types of argument with uniformed officers about private gadgets, largely beverage containers, after which down a flight of stairs to a different crowded foyer. Private baggage containers moved across the foyer on a sequence of conveyors. Neema famous that many had been marked with stickers which learn “FRAGILE” and that these so marked nearly universally appeared extra dented and scuffed than the non-marked baggage containers.

“Remind me why I’m doing this once more?”

“Your authorities needed a extra unfiltered perspective on the upcoming cultural change, and also you converse the language.” Jack replied “Additionally the Chys blamed you for a part of their embarrassment since you led the contact crew, and are, how did you set it, excrement quaffingly vindictive frellers, and I instructed that Mars was about as out of their attain as doable, so that you volunteered.”

“Proper, no different choice.”

Jack pulled her suitcase off the conveyor, and gave forth what Neema would have referred to as an excrement quaffing grin.

“Hey, not less than the meals will probably be higher this time. We all know what you’ll be able to and might’t eat now.”

They eventually exited the house port. Jack stepped in direction of the curb and caught his proper arm within the air whereas going through the course of oncoming visitors. A yellow car, pulled up alongside him.

After loading the bags into the trunk, he and Neema clambered inside.

“The place to?” requested the driving force gruffly

“Norrington Biomechanics workplace at fifth and Curiosity” answered Jack.

The motive force eyed Neema’s forged and nodded.

“An odd title for a avenue” thought Neema because the cab sped them to their vacation spot with an informal disregard for something resembling affordable visitors guidelines, self preservation, and standard physics.

Norrington Biomechanics, Superior Prosthesis Heart August ninth, 2503, 1357 hrs

“And the way are you discovering Mars, Ms. R’Narr, was it?” requested Dr. Fitzgerald, plump, balding, center aged, human doctor.

“Your spaceport could be very crowded, and your, um, Taxis, are terrifying. Why do you employ such a hazardous seeming conveyance?”

“Nicely it’s quicker than strolling” The doctor replied, tightening a small strap round her hand, “there, now make a fist for me Ms, R’Narr.”

She closed the 2 fingers on her hand and the mechanical pair from the connected contraption, odd seeming with their lack of a fourth joint, closed as effectively.

“Wonderful, it appears to be working, correctly.” Dr Fitzgerald stated, “Now bear in mind the 2 false fingers will mirror the actions of you actual ones. Now lengthen all of them, glorious, maintain nonetheless.”

He slipped a pinkish glove which matched the colour tone of the dermal paint she’d been utilizing.

”Aaand Viola! A, purposeful, completely human trying hand.” Dr. Fitzgerald smiled the kind of smile that invited others to hitch within the smiling. “Now let’s get you out of that faux forged and maintain the opposite one”

Public grounds exterior the Pink Home, close to the Director Common’s Touchdown Pad, Olympus Mons, Mars, August 10th, 2503, 1200 hrs.

After being elbowed and jostled for what felt like hours, Neema and Jack lastly made it to the entrance of the gang gathered across the Government Mansion which the people known as, “The Pink Home”. With its huge columns of crimson stone it actually lived as much as the title. Many of the crowd appeared exited a constructive which, reassured Neema. She noticed giant numbers of indicators bearing slogans alongside the strains of “Welcome Friends” and “Welcome to Mars” and just a few with ones bearing the “E T GO HOME!” that was the obvious slogan of these people against the cultural change. She solely noticed one which bore the crucial type of the human phrase for replica adopted by “the Exties!” a prospect she considered seemingly disagreeable for all involved and positively anatomically unbelievable. Particularly with the Leotan, she shuddered on the thought.

The shuttle descended, touching down on the touchdown pad and a bunch of uniformed human troopers outfitted with brass devices started blasting out human music. The envoys of the varied invited species stepped off. Neema noticed Borenti, Leotan, Jaff’Kree, Ardontis, Ternans, Ralnsini, Hatchas, and several other Prent. Then a Chys stepped out of the shuttle. Off to the suitable she heard a commotion, and turned simply in time to see two people tackling a 3rd who had been reaching for one thing beneath his coat. A noise started to sound, coming from the world the place the anti-cultural change teams had been gathered, judging not less than by the focus of indicators bearing photos of the destroyed Chys dreadnaught, and the caption “THE ONLY GOOD EXTIE”. It seemed like music. She may simply barely make out the phrases.

“Tongues of Fireplace come downwards flaring

Skies with warships crammed declaring

now to determined deeds of daring

name you Terran Males


Groans of wounded folks dying

wails of wives and kids crying

for the distant succor flying

name you Terran Males”

Nema was confused, “What’s that track?” she requested Jack

“It’s Males of Terra, the Celebration anthem of the Vanguards, they’re those that actually hate ext..traterrestrials. The Militarist and the Industrialist events each need peace, they each assist the change. The Vanguard social gathering would like to see it fail.”

up on the platform she may see the guards with some urgency hurrying the dignitaries, each human and extraterrestrial into the security of the Pink Home, the band nonetheless taking part in as loud because it may in an unsuccessful try and drown out the rising Vanguard crowd.

“Shall the voice of wailing

now go unavailing

you to awaken who by no means but

In battle’s hour had been failing


this our reply

crowds outpouring

like a photo voltaic flare come roaring

not in useless the voice imploring

all you Terran Males”


Jack turned towards Neema. “That is unhealthy, we should always get you out of right here earlier than it will get worse”

“However they’re simply singing”

“That’s the way it all the time begins”


“Loud the martial pipes are sounding

each manly coronary heart is pounding

because the Extie Fleet surrounding

strike forth Terran Males!


The Vanguards started pushing into the primary physique of the gang, shoving their manner forwards nonetheless singing.


“Brief the sleep the foe is taking

ere the battle morn comes breaking

they shall have a impolite awaking

roused by Terran Males”


Mom stop your weeping

Little one return to sleeping

you and your in security now

the Terran Males are maintaining”


Jack elbowed his manner by way of the gang, clearing a path for Neema in direction of what gave the impression to be an eatery “Taco Tripod” it’s signal cheerfully proclaimed.


“Ere the solar is excessive in heaven

they you concern by panic riven

Again to Hell shall all be pushed

Killed by Terran Males


Males of Terra on to glory

this shall ever be story

burning phrases are set earlier than ye

Terra Will Not Yield!”


Sirens rang out, and as she and Jack stood away from the door within the relative security of the eatery, Neema may hear the authoritative shouts of “DISPERSE OR BE DISPERSED!” coming first from the voices of what had been assuredly constables outfitted for a riot, and shortly after being shouted by way of an digital voice amplifier. After one other tense interval, throughout which Jack bought cups of an exquisite black beverage referred to as “Espresso” for the 2 of them, a constabulary officer entered the eatery to tell these inside, (she and Jack weren’t the one ones who’d sought shelter there, in reality the proprietor was doing a brisk enterprise as most of the people engaged in a follow Jack referred to as “stress consuming”) that order had been restored and the “all clear” had been sounded. They returned to the army advanced the place Neema had spent the earlier evening in a snug, if small, personal room. Jack made a cellphone name, confirmed that the change was previous as deliberate the subsequent day, after which departed for his personal mattress in a unique a part of the advanced often called a “BEE OH CUE”

Alternative Financial institution Stadium, Olympus Mons August 11th, 2503 1700 hrs

The announcer’s voice echoed out by way of the chilly air, loud sufficient even to drown out the excited crowd.


The group’s cheering may need elevated, nevertheless it was already so loud that it was tough to make sure. Neema was nervous after yesterday’s riot however Jack had assured right here that not even the craziest political blowhards would decide a struggle with twenty thousand screaming hockey followers. Nonetheless with out him to deal with any miscommunications she was nervous, although he had promised to be proper again, he was fetching “essential provides”.


Jack returned with a pair of brown twisted loaves and a pair of mugs of a pale brown liquid. “Can’t watch hockey with out these!” he needed to shout to be heard over the gang, even from only one seat away.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! HOCKEY FANS! AND OUR EXTRA SOLAR GUESTS! PLEASE WELCOME! ALL THE WAY FROM TITAN! THIS PAST SEASON’S STANLEY CUP WINNERS! THE SATURN FIVES!” All through the gang giant numbers of individuals, together with Jack stood up and started chanting whereas holding their arms within the air with two fingers prolonged, unfold aside.


A crew in black and white uniforms skated onto the rink doing a number of laps whereas their supporters chanted. A human sporting a ridiculous costume, resembling an archaic house craft, the identical one on the unusual shirt worn by Jack in the meanwhile, additionally skated onto the ice with them.

“He’s referred to as Rocky the Rocket,” Jack stated when she requested, “He’s the 5’s mascot”


Because the “Fives” followers took their seats, nearly all of the remainder of the gang stood for their very own crew’s cheer. It was much less straight forwards however actually entertaining to look at. The followers first stomped their proper ft in unison, whereas shouting “MON!” then did the identical with their left whereas hollering “STERS!” then lastly raised each arms into the air curling their fingers like claws and shouted “ROAR!” all of this being performed in a short time.


The crew skating onto the ice now was clad in Inexperienced and Pink, and accompanied by one other costumed human, this one dressed as a fuzzy inexperienced creature with a big yellow eye, outsized jagged tooth, and gigantic claws.

“That’s Monty the Monster” Jack stated earlier than Neema may ask.


For the primary time since she’d come inside the large stadium, Neema knew a second’s quiet. Forty women and men in human formalwear filed into the middle of the rink, strolling alongside a big mat unrolled from one of many entrances. At their head a bunch of Directorate army personnel in gown uniforms carried a flag, a blue subject cut up from it’s prime windward nook to it’s decrease leeward nook by a gold bar, itself cut up by a black one. Perpendicular too and on prime of the bars lay a white silhouette of a sword. The entire people within the viewers stood, eradicating any hats, and positioned their proper arms over their hearts. The choir within the rink started to sing.

“Come cheer up my associates tis to glory we steer,

with our heads carried excessive we will banish all concern

to honor we name with a satisfaction by no means marred

As one folks united we circle our star


Hearts of Earth are our ships

Sol, our star, in heaven

We’ll all the time stand prepared

Regular then, Regular

We’ll struggle and we’ll conquer many times


When Damien our Chief, drove the Extie away

He constructed us a nation to face many days

With loyalty, power, unity, and with coronary heart

Our houses shall stand safer as we do our half


Hearts of Earth are our ships

Sol, our star, in heaven

We’ll all the time stand prepared

Regular then, Regular

We’ll struggle and we’ll conquer many times


We’ll by no means present concern, we’ll collectively stand free

We will stand agency on land and in house by no means flee

So cheer up my good friend with one heard voices ring

for our troopers, our sailors, our statesmen we sing


Hearts of Earth are our ships

Sol, our star, in heaven

We’ll all the time stand prepared

Regular then, Regular

We’ll struggle and we’ll conquer many times”


Although the track had began with solely the choir quickly each human within the crowd had joined in, even Jack. It was a powerful, and unexpectedly terrifying show. Neema was a bit shaken. After which it was over, the people had been all sitting again down as if nothing uncommon had occurred. Jack sipped his beverage. Then seen she had not tried hers but. “Come on then, Neema, have some beer, can’t watch hockey with out beer.” He seen her shocked expression. “What’s improper? you seem like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Music used

Males of Terra (Unique Tune Males of Harlech): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRtnWVvDX6k

Hearts of Earth (Unique Tune Hearts of Oak): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NXFCDgyanA

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